SAN FRAN CHAOS: Businesses Using ‘PARKING SPOTS’ for Office Space as Rents Skyrocket

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San Francisco’s businesses are reportedly using the city’s parking spaces and parks as makeshift offices with real estate prices skyrocketing; raising new concerns as workers and the region’s homeless population increasingly occupy the same spaces.

“It’s just so crazy to think the way we use our street is not reflective of that and so those parking spaces are just dirt cheap compared to all of the other real estate in San Francisco,” WePark visitor Jean Walsh told Business Insider.

.@weparkweparty in action. SF's newest and most lit co-working space, only $2.25 an hour. @irapolis @VictorPontis #wepark

— Joe Girton (@yogirton) April 29, 2019

According to industry insiders, the median price for a home in San Francisco is $1.3 million with average rent prices hovering at $3,300.

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