Ryan says Trump won't sign

Trump wants funding for the wall in this budget…

Trump is Cool…

Merry xmas gov’t workers! --Fat donald

Fat shaming is bullying…


Well except those that have to keep his ass safe during his vacation

They will be on paid vacation… we all know it…

Fat Donald and his GOP band of reprobates can’t do the basic work of governing. sad.

Fat Donny says:
“Merry Christmas (only), government workers! I’ll be thinking of you from sunny fairways in Mar a Lago, while I’m sipping 1% tax cut champagne with my buddy Mohammed bin Salman!!”


Besides the monthly bills they have to pay, the interest that will build up, the late fines, the uncertainty…yep just like a vacation

Why do Trump supporters always try to change the subject?

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Has the government ever shut down before with the Senate, House, and White House under the control of one party?


Limbaugh spent an hour today imploring Fat Donnie to veto the bill and get on the plane to Maralago. Said he’d meet trump at any golf course and play a round.

Two one-percenters laughing at the rubes.


Pelosi is cool…

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On their own threads! :rofl:


I dont know, but sure is clear whose fault this shutdown is: TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS. Arsonists.

No. Another first for Trump and the inept GOP.

It’s officially the Trump Shutdown.

No, I’m happy Trump won’t sign it, and the house and senate will have to vote on wall funding bill alone… Brilliant move…

Trump/Putin shut down

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A TRUMP SHUTDOWN for the holiday! Yay!