RYAN’S REMINDER: The Speaker Says Obama Had ‘HUGE MAJORITY’ and DID NOTHING on Immigration

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/ryans-reminder-the-speaker-says-obama-had-huge-majority-and-did-nothing-on-immigration/

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called-out Democrats and former President Barack Obama during a press conference Thursday; reminding the liberal lawmakers they had a ‘huge majority’ just years ago and did nothing to fix the nation’s immigration system.

Ryan was speaking with reporters ahead of a House vote on two separate immigration bills, slamming left-wing legislators who had 60 votes in the Senate and a “huge majority” in the House yet failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform.


"Don’t forget for a second here, when Barack Obama was president for a while he had 60 votes in the Senate and a huge majority in the House, and he didn’t do anything to fix the broken immigration system. Nothing. And they had total control of government,” said the Speaker.

Watch Ryan’s reminder above.

Already getting set up for the failure of the house to pass anything.

Does that idiot think no one remembers the 6 years of Obama’s terms where he and his dummies could have fixed immigration law? What a moron.

Thanks for the chuckles!

The response is simple.

Yeah…Obama and the Dems dropped the ball.

They’re not in power anymore. YOU are.

So fix it.

Good call.

We failed to do our job under Obama. We’re going to fail now!

Ryan is useless.

He is. I think I’ll be glad when he’s gone, but we’ll see who takes his place.

Obama and the Democrats had a reliable filibuster proof majority for only about 10 weeks from the beginning of the 2009 Congressional class to the mid terms of 2010. You can only push so many pieces of legislation at once, and at the time priorities were considered healthcare and helping to jump start the terrible economy they were left with.

This. People don’t realize how long Al Franken was held up as the good people of Minnesota debated the intent of someone who voted for Franken but also wrote in “lizard people”.

Sworn in July 7th, 2009.

Or Ted Kennedy’s failing health and the fact he was barely available for votes.

Or Robert Byrd’s similar failing health in the latter part of 2009 until his death in 2010.

Or Kennedy’s seat going to Scott Brown in early 2010.

It’s just nonsensical revisionist history when people act like Obama had free reign for two years.