Russians/ Putin testing a Nuclear powered missile?

The fact that this thing failed is one thing. But the fact that it could be successful is damn right scary.

This missile has been code-named Skyfall by NATO. And seems to have spiked some interest in that it’s still being tested after several failures.

The Skyfall has unlimited range, and therefore, has unlimited paths to take to a target…want to hit Washington from Moscow? No problem. It could fly to the horn of Africa, Crisscross the Atlantic, fly up the coast. Its defenses against counter measures? Speed and ever changing pathways.

The problem, control the very tiny reactor without it melting down.

That’s what happened during this test. The thing melted down. Creating a radiation spike before being brought under control. Not before killing 5 of 8 scientists working on it.

Is this a new step in our arms race? Is this even possible?

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I believe, now this is just my theory but real reason for cancelling INF is China.

With the recent collapse of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, the US will now focus more on “developing the intermediate-range arsenal, something short of all-out war”, Mr Galeotti said.

“The Russian military also want that capability, because they are also worried about China,” he added.


Putin’s Russia is worse than the USSR. They successful.

There was extensive research in this area by NASA and non-NASA governmental entities in the 1960’s and 1970’s, but the research was cancelled as non-feasible by 1980. It never went beyond the theoretical. Our overall technology was not close to being able to support it.

Research has resumed in recent years, though I don’t think we have yet progressed to the experimental prototype stage.

But as with the Russians, this is highly dangerous stuff and we will likely lose lives along the way at some point with this.

Agree. This is what I learned today in reading about this. Crazy if they can get it to work…but theoretically, our scientists deemed it impossible.

Read about the Supercavitating Shkval torpedo they have that goes 230 mph by enveloping itself underwater in a gas bubble. Sounds like something from a movie but is real.

Impossible at the time.

Technology, computers, metallurgy have all progressed eons since 1980. So what was impossible then MIGHT be possible now. Or maybe not. :smile:

If not, maybe in 20 or 30 more years.

Either way…this is some scary technology…and makes things dicey for sure.

Weapons expert in Chief reporting.

“We have similar, though more advanced, technology.”

Are there any reliable sources to verify that?

Did he just divulge a top secret military program?


I’d say that it’s one of those things where if they’re working on it then so are we most likely. Probably at Area 51.

I still vividly remember seeing a stealth bomber in the 80s a few years before it became public.

The answer is either, “yes,” or he remembers being briefed on this:


Neither answer is…Not Good!


if one of our orbiting satellites locks its targeting on the incoming missile and fires a laser at the rocket, will that rocket have time to change course before the laser burns a hole through it?

or was that simply to make popcorn in the professor’s house?

What’s sad is I understood that reference.

Would someone be able to point to a link that explains how the mini-reactor produces thrust giving it unlimited range?

IIRC 1g thrust with unlimited range will take you from Earth to Marts (at CPA) in about 2 days.


Russia’s missile, if real, is stupid. It doesn’t change MAD so what’s the point?

“Not good" is our Third Grade President’s assessment of a nuclear disaster. :rofl:

Doesn’t Rick Perry handle our nuclear infrastructure?