Russian State TV brags about electing Trump, Bolton left begging

This is one of many, many segments on Russian TV where it’s openly discussed about how “they” openly elected Trump and what’s the big deal anyway? In other words, they sound like Republicans in America.

“Cybersecurity is a topic for the summit. Because what are the main accusations we hear in the past years from the American side? That our great and terrible Russian hackers invaded the American space? Which many see as aggression against the country – and that we caused some trouble there? What trouble did we cause? We just elected Trump. That’s all.”

I still can’t believe obama and company just sat back and let it happen, what with all of the intelligence they had.

On a side note, you guys watch far too much russian television.

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How could the kenyan ladybug have let this happen??

Operation “tell vlad I’m flexible” comes to fruition.

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kenyan ladyboy. Although the other is equally intimidating.

I wonder what Trump and Putin will talk about during this meeting? The last time they talked, Trump tried hard to keep it a secret from the US government but it came out through the Mueller WITCH HUNT that Putin was dictating to Trump what to say on Air Force 1 about why he fired Comey, with Trump dutifully transcribing what he was told to say.


I’m sure you can back this up with a link right? Or is it some fantasy?

Getting their stories straight.

Of course they’re bragging, Trump is a great victory for Russia.

The 1980’s called. They want their foreign policy back.

Obama is an American.

The 1930’s called… they want their protectionist trade policies back.


Besides, I thought he called himself a “citizen of the world.”

It was weird to see John Bolton grovel at Putin’s feet after a career as a hardliner on Russia. What changed, John? haha

I wonder who Putin will pick as our next SCOTUS nominee? I guess we’ll find out soon.

We are so screwed…

I hope it’s obama. It would be great to get that lying scumbag testifying under oath.

Right in a croweded room for a couple minutes.

Fantasy just as I suspected.

No link to Mueller actually knowing

Actually, they sound like the Democrats in America. Most likely they got the idea from the Washington Post or CNN.

But what are you doing using Russian propaganda to spread divisiveness in America? Isn’t that collusion?

Yes, let’s start believing Russian Propaganda in spite of the fact there’s zero evidence to show anything the Russians did changed even a single vote.

I guess for democrats anything beats admitting they picked the worst candidate who ran the worst campaign in a half century.

Trump should have been the most beatable republican ever to run and still “The smartest woman in the world” crashed and burned.

This is…correct.