Russian police: Muslim taxi driver who crashed into crowd accidentally stepped on wrong pedal

Do the Russian authorities have pro-Muslim bias?

Are they just attempting to downplay an embarrassing incident?

Or are they simply recognizing that accidents such as this are possible?

I can’t imagine what answers you are seeking.

Yeah, after what they’ve done in Chechnya, it’s a good bet that the Putin government has a pro Muslim bias.

I might be because literally everyone has car cameras there.

James Fields, the driver who crashed into a crowd in Charlottesville, was charged today under federal hate crime laws in addition to facing state murder charges.

Should Fields call the Russian cabby as a witness to show that crashes can result from something as basic a accidentally stepping on the wrong pedal?

Do Russian authorities know more about accidents than those the US?

Or should the US send our experts to Russia to get criminal trials similar to those in the US case?

For reference here is a video of the actual crash.

Or maybe you show remove a few layers of aluminum foil. It doesn’t work as good as the old “tin foil”.

Did you watch the video of the Moscow crash? While horrific, it is consistent with the someone accidentally stepping on the gas pedal instead of the brake. It happens most with inexperienced drivers and elderly drivers.

Here is an explanation:

Why do these drivers continue to slam on the gas when the vehicle does just the opposite of their intended action? People freeze on the gas pedal and are unable to alter their initial supposedly evasive action. They are literally in a state of shock! As an instructor, I have had to pop the shifter into neutral, or grab an ankle and pull the driver’s foot off the accelerator, while at the same time hammering my own extra brake pedal. It is not a pretty sight.


Could be an accident if you go to YouTube and type “Russia driving compilation” this seems the norm.

lol - Hard to believe this is still rattling around in the Trumpflake’s heads.

You beat me to it. Russian car crash compilation videos on YouTube are legendary. Driving tips from Russians include…

When sensing a dangerous situation developing, never slow down. In fact, speed up when needed.

Always make a turn out of the far opposite lane, preferably without checking your mirrors.

Never let limited or no sight situations scare you out of overtaking vehicles on two lane, bidirectional roads.

When spotting a vehicle in an adjacent lane stopped at a pedestrian crosswalk, never take that as a hint that someone may be in the crosswalk.

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So the Russians were wrong not to charge the Muslim driver with attempted homicide or some similar crime?

The driver ran off from the scene of the accident allegedly because he feared being attacked by people at the scene of the crash. Should the Russians charge him with leaving the accident?

Russia is not alone with crazy driving; you can find similar compilations for American drivers.

That is similar to what they teach learning motorcyclists regarding wrist positioning (flat as opposed to raised above the throttle even slightly) to prevent that tendency in an emergency among other things.

If there’s one thing I learned from Russian adventures in Chechnya, is that that the Russian government is sooooo pro Muslim. They can’t wait to bend over for those people. Well, they have to because they’re so anti gay, but if they weren’t, they would totally be bending over for Muslims.

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Not enough information to know but Muslim terrorists usually don’t call their attacks an accident, they accept blame proudly in the name of Allah.

The Russians have been cozying up with Muslims for decades. Why do you think the AK is the most common weapon in eastern Europe and the ME and the T-72 the most common tank?

Assad would have been deposed five years ago if not for Russian help and the Mullahs would have been tossed out on their asses in Iran decades ago if not for their support.

Russia has also been arming the Taliban for a decade in Afghanistan.

Learn something on the subject before pontificating.

lol - Hard to believe this is still rattling around in the Trumpflake’s heads.

What is the point of this thread?

There has been a brutal war in Chechnya and Russia has seen several large terrorist attacks. I doubt that the Russian police have a pro-Muslim bias.

The initial reports of the crash in Moscow sounded like it could be similar to ISIS attacks that a occurred in France and other locations. An important difference in the Moscow case is that there is no evidence of any advance planning. The driver did not rent or steal a truck or large van to maximize damage. While the driver, Anarbek Uulu, is from the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan where the majority of the vast people are at least nominally Muslim, Kyrgyz citizens have generally not been involved in the earlier terrorist attacks.
There no evidence of the any connection between the driver and terrorist groups.

The judgement of the police that the crash was a result of a tired, relatively inexperienced driver accidentally stepping on the wrong pedal appears to be consistent with available evidence.

In my opinion, the video of the Moscow crash and the driver’s history are similar to those from the Charlottesville crash, but the response from authorities has been totally different. The Moscow driver is unlikely to face any criminal charges, while the Charlottesville driver is in prison facing multiple state and federal charges including murder.

US authorities (Jeff Sessions and others) and the news media (CNN and others) here have already declared the Charlottesville crash to be a “terrorist attack”, so the ability to get a fair trial that considers is already compromised. The possibility that the crash is actually a terrible accident has effectively been removed from consideration or discussion.