RUSSIAN OBSESSION: Dems Call for Trump’s INTERPRETER to TESTIFY about Private Putin Meeting | Sean Hannity

Two Congressional lawmakers are demanding the President’s Russian interpreter appear before Congress as soon as possible; hoping for a chance to grill the individual over Trump’s personal meeting with Vladimir Putin.

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putin speaks English. What makes these idiots think an interpreter was even necessary??

Just more grandstanding.

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Ask the idiots in the administration that brought an interpreter.

I didn’t say that no Russian was being spoken, or that no one would need a translator, including trump, at the public events and during the summit meetings.

The dims are allegedly asking about “private meetings”, and I’m saying an interpreter might not have even been there, or necessary.

The guy speaks and understands English.

The interpreter was there. We know this. We even know their name.

Bad Day for you! A mole was discovered that has been working in the American Russia Embassy that has been working for our country the last 9 yrs, who was president then? OBAMA the gift that keeps on giving!

I know! Did you hear that they were Obama’s roommate at Columbia and they both took Soviet Political History together?

LOl This whole Russia collusion thing is blowing up in your very face! Its funny you make light of a situation that got your party so riled up! Obama did nothing to stop Russia, and he knew they were trying to meddle, this is another example. He was too busy giving away US secrets to the terrorist Iran Regime.

You think trump was betraying the country and giving away the store to putin with a government employed interpreter present?? An interpreter who he believed might later be called to testify about their conversation??

I’ve been on these boards for 11 years AND,


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I’m not making light of anything. I’m agreeing witu you. Valerie Jarrett made a secret deal with Iran. We gave them our secrets and they go their ally Russia to give us the secrets on Trump. But we were double crossed by the Libyans who realized we gave them a nuclear bomb made of spare parts of a pin ball machine.

LoL Lets take a trip down memory road!

  1. Obama admin sided with Russia and said Assad was a reformer

  2. Obama lifted the Bush Russia Sanctions

  3. Obama told Russia he would have flexibility after his reelection

  4. Obama let Russia invade Crimea

  5. He wanted a Russian Reset

  6. Obama scolded romney for bringing up Russia

  7. Obama never passed sanctions till 2012 with the Magnitsky Act, and only passed it because the intel and congress begged him to do it.

  8. Allowed a SOS to make Millions off speeches to Russian Oligarchs.

  9. Said Elections were too decentralized to be influenced, when he knew they were trying to be influenced in September of 2016

  10. Let Russian Moles work in our Embassies

  11. Hired John Brennan a guy who literally voted for a communist candidate for president.

And Trump is the Communist? Get a clue!

None of those countries play by the book because they hardliners who follow the Koran which teaches that you can lie to infidels and Allah sees it as justified.

You still haven’t seen anything that stupid because I didn’t say anything like what you describe.

Oddly enough the Art of the Deal says the exact same thing. You don’t think it was inspired by the Koran, do you? This gets deeper and deeper. What if Trump is a Muslim brotherhood sleeper and the clues were right in front of us the entire time!

Bring the russian language major in testify. That will be a hoot.

You people are so far off the rails with hatred it’s beyond ridiculous.

Collusion gimps indeed.


The interpreter should be made to testify.

I have no reason to think the interpreter would lie about what all was spoken about in that meeting.

I have every reason to believe Donald Trump will never tell us the truth about what he and his man-crush Putin discussed for two hours in Helsinki.

What if the Sky is Green and the Moon is made of Cheese! Their religion says if you arent Muslim that you dont have to honor a contract! I dont think American Law would allow Trump to do that, without a lawsuit coming. I.E Trump University, No one is going to Sue Libya or Iran if they dont honor a contract.

Bad news for your theory. Trump won his lawsuit with Trump University!

I said could bring a law suit! Trump U is an example. Libya and Iran would not even allow a lawsuit to even form or take place, they would prefer war.

Yeah because they know they’d lose their lawsuit because Trump doesn’t lose.