Russian National Charged with interfering in 2018 Midterm Election

Just breaking now. Russians are again trying to use propaganda to influence our elections.

The Russians are trying to hurt Donald Trump and the Republicans!

They want weak, buffoonish Democrats in charge, not strong leaders like Trump!

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Which side was he trying to help?

She was caught and charged…looks like the system is working.

I guess they have a point, apparently the sole reason the last Democrat lost the white house to the abject moron we have now is because those rooskies said mean stuff about her on Facebook…that is pretty weak and buffoonish.

Oh is it? Let’s take a look at some of what was being pushed…

Boy that messaging sounds familiar.

Incredibly familiar really…

Wow, I’m sure I’ve seen that before…


I think the question is really becoming “How many Russians are on this board?

Can’t wait for the passage that says “Post a new thread every time the President has a rally.”


Yes, it is working…just as well as it’s working in catching fraudulent voters.

Read the tweets. They go both ways. They blast Trump for meeting with Kim and then another tweet will praise him for meeting with Kim. They say that black people are still being harmed in Flint due to Republicans and then say something equally strong the other way.

I really can’t figure out what they are trying to do. We can create our own discord by ourselves, thank you.

But if you look at the tweets in the actual charges, you will see that they go both ways. The person you are copying tweets from is just cherry picking.

I just went through the indictment. True, a few tweets are anti-Trump - but the vast majority are pro-Trump and pro Conservative causes, as are all the memes and all the directives quoted.

Maybe it’s because they know that Conservatives are far more likely to spread their propaganda.

So-called conservatives already have it built in that the government is the enemy, they have been getting fed a steady diet of BS for a decade now. This has made them desperate to have their views validated and so they openly take in and spread fake news.

Makes sense. There brains are hard-wired for conspiracy and fear.

So among other things, he was a Russian citizen, pretending to be American and was going onto forums like this one, to sow discord.

:rofl: This is priceless. Facebook. :rofl:

She, actually.

Are we missing anyone? :wink:

I just went through the indictment and counted the following:

tweets or other messages pro Republican/Cons/Trump = 11

tweets or other messages anti Republican/Cons/Trump = 14

You have that exactly opposite of reality.

Perhaps you didn’t count the following as anti Republican:

  1. Trump will tweet NOTHING about an explosion in Austin Texas b/c all of the victims have been black and hispanic.

  2. Just a reminder. Majority black Flint Michigan still has drinking water that will give you brain damage if consumed …Republicans are still trying to keep black people from voting.

  3. Fun Fact: The last time a new Republican president was elected without electoral fraud was in 1988,

Sounds like stuff our progressive posters would post here, doesn’t it?

All right, fine, let’s do this.

Section IV, Overt Acts starting with Item 38…

38 Pro Gun R
39 Pro Gun R
40 Anti Trump D
41 Anti Trump (presumably, same sock as 40) D
42 Anti Trump (Same sock) D
43 Pro Trump (Stop AI = Stop All Invaders anti immigrant group) R
44 Pro Trump R
45 Pro Trump R
46 Pro Trump R
47 Anti-Islam (Pro Trump) R
48 Anti-Democrat R
49 Anti-Republican (Moore) D
50 Pro Republican (Moore) R
51 Anti Trump D
52 Anti Trump D
53 Anti Republican D
54 Pro Trump R
55 Anti Republican D
56 Anti Democrat R
57 Anti Republican D
58 Anti Trump D
59 Pro Trump R
60 Can’t Tell
61 Anti Democrat R
62 Pro Trump R
63 Anti Trump D
64 Pro Dem D
65 Anti Voter Fraud (Presumably pro Trump) R
66 Anti Trump D
67 Anti Trump D
68 Anti Trump D
69 Anti Trump D
70 Pro Vote (I’ll be generous and give that a Anti Trump) D
71 Anti GOP D

I count 15. Republican, 18 D.

Son of a gun, you’re right. Well, shows my counting skills.

"The best government is that which governs least."


If Russians are wasting money by paying people to post on tiny message boards like this, they’re wasting their money, so if they’re our enemy, that’s a good thing.