Russia wants Alaska back


Better start with those Russian language classes.

Seriously I thought this was an onion article.

It’s insane that Russia wants it back

We paid good money for it back in the day.

Ratified by the senate. The whole nine yards


We paid good money for all that Native American land too, yet MSNBC still thinks it’s ‘stolen’.




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You know damn well this is not anywhere near the entire truth.

Come on, man!

Well, the Russian who laid claim to Alaska says they discovered it. The Inupiaq who have lived there for thousands of years might not agree with that. I don’t think this is really an official Russian government claim, at least as of yet. Now if we had agreed to give up our weapons in exchange for a Russian pledge not to Invade, it might already be Russian.

Seward’s folly.


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Wonder if they’d settle for California instead?


They can try…need to remind Putin that we have nukes. :wink:

I blame NATO.


There’s a piece of California they want back too- some mission, IIRC.

I wondered if that was the same guy that suggested Putin nuke a weapons testing facility in Nevada, but that was this crazy guy.

Or the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan.

That too.

Don’t forget the canceling of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Goes without saying, doesn’t it?

And stop giving your state welfare? :rofl: your governor would never

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If it weren’t for big Lib states like California voting to let millions of illegals into our country, paying people not to work, and to have babies they can’t afford, we wouldn’t need welfare.

So please, let Russia have California, and throw in New York to sweeten the deal…


The coastal elites need love too.


It hasn’t even been a year since a small backup in california ports caused supply chain issues in the interior.

Bare shelves Biden, the world is ending, we have nothing in our stores oh no.

Now we’re back to pretending we don’t need the state that makes an outrageous amount of food, moves the most material, and has a GDP on the world leaderboard.


Good point.

Let them have California.