Russia uses U.S Intel sharing to hunt down political dissents

Trump WH has pushed for more Intel sharing between U.S and Russia in hope to creating a more friendly relationship, Putin has used this relationship to exploit American Intelligence to help him track down political dissents for assassination and capture.

  • Russia uses an information-sharing process with the US to target Chechen dissidents, sources told Insider.
  • The US and Russia have shared more information during the Trump presidency, the result of a directive from the White House.
  • But Russia mainly seeks out information about those who flee the rule of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.
  • “The Russians regularly abuse the process of sharing information by spamming us with notices about people they know perfectly well are under police protection because of their threats,” one source said.

There have been over a dozen Russian assassination in Europe since 2007 of political dissents.

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some NATO countries are limit their intelligence sharing with the U.S over this.

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