Russia’s Arrest of American Is Payback for Maria Butina, CIA Veterans Say

“Russia says it arrested a U.S. citizen spying in their country. But former CIA officers say that, far from a counterintelligence coup, the American’s detention is most likely payback for the U.S. arrest of confessed Russian agent Maria Butina.”

Who else has been expecting something like this? It’s not like Putin is scared of us or anything. Plus, if Trump is up to his neck in Russian mafia money, our American president is handcuffed and can’t do anything.

Maybe they’ll work something out behind the scenes?

Of course it’s payback and fat donald will do a Butina/US citizen swap in the future. You can see this ■■■■ a mile away.

It’s the way these things have operated for years.

If the Russians take her, and the NRA, back, it’d be a good trade.

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They do a swap sp she doesnt have to give info…duh

That could be.

Tell vlad that trump will have more flexibility after the election.

Vlad knows all he needs to know.

You’d think that mueller and the rest of the dimocrats would have gotten rid of “putin’s stooge” by now, you know, for National Security reasons and stuff.

Guess they don’t love America.

We’ll see if the impeachment proceedings begin tomorrow. My guess is NO!

Just another way the FBI and Mueller have hurt America.

Particularly when you look at the timing of the Ken Starr investigation process.

These things take time.

You spent 8 year on Clinton and didnt get rid of him…4 on his wife…guess the gop hates america…

Two can play this dumb game


File the whole Maria Butina saga under:


Because the Ken Starr investigation was about another country “stealing our election” and having “compromising information on the POTUS”. I guess I just forgot about that part.

Although to be fair, mueller’s “investigation” isn’t about those things either.

What is about is irrlevant…it took 8 years…

Too late for that. She’s a talker.

Who said it was? You?

Certainly wasn’t Rosenstein who said that. Certainly wasn’t Mueller.

Here ya go:

It’s not hard to imagine the people saying this now as being the same people who talk vaguely about how they are going to “rise up” when it happens.

Three Canadian have been arrested in China so far because we arrested a high ranking Chinese offical for you guys but WH has done jack ■■■■ to help

You’re getting nervous.

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