Russia on the CRP..Committed to re-elect

“Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers last week that Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get President Trump re-elected, five people familiar with the matter said, in a disclosure that angered Mr. Trump, who complained that Democrats would use it against him.”

Ok great. What are we going to do to stop them?

How about just acknowledging that it’s going on for starters…like the old saying says…“The first step is admitting it”


Russia has been interfering in our elections since the late 40’s.

You democrats just dismissed discussions of it as “conspiracy mongering” until 2016 when you suddenly discovered Russia is not our friend.

Now how about a straight answer, just what are we going to do to stop them?


New York Slime.

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Better…or should I just not bother unless it’s Fox, Brietbart or the Trump Broadcasting Company?

I have never seen an article regarding Trump in Business Insider that wasn’t extremely anti Trump. Just saying. Try CNN next.

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Why didn’t *bama say anything?

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Hmmm… Didn’t realize he was still in office.

That intelligence community was filled with leakers and analysis using fake dossiers that resulted in two years that wound up with “no cooperation between anyone in the campaign and Russia”.
Its good that Trump is reorganizing these people, finally.

Now, what was the source of the information for these articles, and was it more leaking?

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Where’s Steele?

His fees are a lot less these days.

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When did this “Russian interference” and hacking take place?

According to Trump…never.

Well that isn’t true so how about a straight answer?

The referenced “Business Insider” web page has a video at the bottom where some British journalist is claiming that the dossier is not “fake news”. As part of his support for that claim he is saying that Mueller is now looking into it. That video did not hold up well.

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How bout July 27th, 2016, specific enough? You know when Trump asked Russia for the emails, and within hours the first hack into HRC took place…

His stated reason was that he didn’t want to put his finger on the scale so close to the election. According to you guys, as the head of the DOJ at the time, he had the absolute right to do so. Too bad he didn’t. Stupid integrity, who needs it?

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I provided you two specific examples.

Now how about moving on to a straight answer as asked for above?

When did this “Russian interference” and hacking take place?

Integrity my ass. They could have very quietly taken actions to stop them.

They could have also treated both campaigns equally providing them both the same intel briefings warning them about the Russian attempts but they chose only to do so with Hillary’s campaign.

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