Russia looking to ratify Paris climate agreement as U.S. continues withdrawal

“Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top climate advisor, Ruslan Edelgeriev, plans to give the leader a report by the end of the month outlining the pros and cons of ratification, according to the Kremlin website.”

“In January, Russia’s largest business group threw its weight behind ratification, providing new impetus to its passage. The powerful Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs said its members supported ratification, citing concerns over economic restrictions and competitiveness, according to the daily Russian newspaper Kommersant, which obtained a copy of the letter sent to several ministries.”

First, do we even have a climate adviser? Does the old Soviet Union have a climate adviser and we don’t?

Second, this needs to be a declared national emergency. This can actually massively affect the US and world. This is not child’s play like some people coming to do jobs like landscaping and painting. This problem can affect all the nations of the world negatively.

Wow…Putin attempting to swoon libs. I luv it. :sunglasses:

He’s making the POTUS look like a dumbass, because it makes America look bad.

Sounds like he’s colluding with the warmers.