RUSH on Sean Hannity TV show

You might learn something, that’s why.

Yes but cutting 15% of the budget by 50% is the equivalent of cutting 64% of the budget only 11.7%. It is much easier to absorb a cut of 11.7% in a program than it is to absorb a 50% cut, particularly when that latter program is the defense of the country and a good share of the free world.

I have said several things related to the effect of cutting the budget, but none of them have argued pro or con on whether cuts should be made.

From you? Unlikely.

Where’s your buddy?

Do you not understand the meaning of the phrase “look up”?

So that would mean that Hillary is INNOCENT since she has never been proven GUILTY. Right?

That’s correct, but it sure would be great to get her in front of a judge and jury to prove it.

No because of the deep state

Since Obama depleted our military, and he should have been spending way more
than what he did on it, Trump has to pick up the slack where he left off.

Some of our technology and jets, and other things were outdated,
and Obama looked the other way.

I want to see Hannity on Rush’s Radio show sometime.
And Advertise it on this site, so everybody knows when it would be on.

lol. Just like O.J. Simpson constantly getting into trouble, finally he got caught and

Hillary is on a bigger level. She has a lot more Corrupt Power and money backing
her. The main reason her and Bill aren’t that famous any more
is that she’s become more of a liability than to help the Democrat Party.

In other words, she has to much baggage and is guilty at least on some things illegal,
but the Democrat Politicians aren’t willing to continue to stick up for her, and her
baggage is starting to slip out in to many places of all of the evil her and Slick Willy have done.

Then again, we could always just temporarily hire Comey again, and she how long
it would take to come up with an assessment of her. Maybe he could take years
like Mueller has, and waste Millions in tax payers money, and already have
documents exonerating her written up within the first 48 hours. lol.

There seems to be something wrong with your profile.
It’s hidden, and therefore not “Transparent”.

“Look Up” what the “Republican Swamp” means.
I’m sure you’ll be able to relate a lot.

Why not say what you mean instead of speaking in riddles.

What’s wrong with speaking in riddles?

I still get my point across, and it sounds cool at the same time, without
being the same old boring “Politics”. You should try it some time.

The Mouse eats the cheese, The cat eats the Mouse, The Dog eats the cat,
The wolf eats the Dog, but who eats the Wolf? I do! lol.

That’s just it. You have not gotten your point across because nobody knows what your point is or if you actually have one. What, for example, was your point on this post? To avoid the topic of discussion?

Hurts me to say this but I agree with Samm!!!

Well, I guess that means one of two things then. Either, I’m incredibly smart to the point where my intellect on average better than most on here, or two, I’m incredibly stupid and don’t make any logical sense at all, for the most part.

But, if I am incredibly stupid, and not logical at all, I don’t see why anyone would ever reply to my posts or threads at all on here in general? do you? lol.

I think that anyone who thinks that Hillary and Slick Willy Clinton are “Innocent”, at
all, are as delusional as Hillary is about losing the election in 2016. lol.

That makes a lot of sense now.

No wonder things like Global Warming are
simply made up as schemes to profit off Democrat voters mainly.

Most of the time, the Democrats have their statistics wrong in general.
I guess they suck at math.