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No. The previous post is the post immediately prior to the post I made to you. Do you really need that to be explained to you.?


Comparing the economy of the US to the economy of NK based on percent of military spending is absurd and you know it.


Of course there are other extenuating circumstances regarding the difference between North Korea and the US, but the point is when your argument is still flawed because you’re ignoring marginal utility.

Rel is right- at current levels, defense spending is quite likely a drag on the economy, not a boon.


They most certainly are. What do you think the money spent on development and production of the F-35 for example, does for the economy?


Additionally, decisions on defense spending should be made on whether they add to the defense of this nation…not as to whether they are a boon to the economy.

Otherwise you get the “military-industrial complex”.


Bold Understatement of the thread.

It is not the current level of spending that is a drag on the economy, it is that too much of it is being spent overseas where it stimulates foreign economies. But every dollar spent domestically … which is where the vast majority of it is spent … does a great deal of good for the economy.


No it’s the current level of spending…period.

If we’re spending more on defense than we need to, then we are putting a drag on the economy.


Not really. The economic multiplier associated with defense spending is actually very weak.

The overall takeaway from my research is that government spending does not seem to be a very cost-effective way to stimulate the economy and create jobs. However, economists have a lot more to learn on this topic.


Nope. Look up the impact of military expenditures on the economy vs. non-military expenditures.


Not only is this well-known by people who have some basic understanding of economics, it’s really easy to look up.

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That post said absolutely nothing except fir a broadbrush assertion. Do you have anything outside of assertions you would like to add? Cause you’re going to lose this debate


What do you think cutting government spending by 25%+, ripping out the social safety net, people failing to pay rent, or health care costs, will do to our financial system? Do you think poor people spend their money in a vacuum? From the welfare bush in the backyard?


In your opinion does spending on infrastructure put a drag on the economy too? And what about those so-called stimulus spending packages Congress put together ten years or so ago? Were those drags on the economy?


Domestic capital military spending stimulates the economy, domestic operating spending contintributes positively, and foreign military spending is a negative. Put the three together and it probably isn’t a cost effective way to stimulate the economy. But then, that is not the intent of military funding, is it.


Look up the difference between domestic spending and overseas spending.


Don’t flatter yourself. There is no debating going on in this Forum.


I’m not arguing either way about cutting the budget. I’m simply saying that if you are going to make cuts, cutting where the most money is being spent makes more sense than making all the cuts from just 15% of the budget.


Why? What’s your point?


Cutting the budget is cutting the budget, regardless of where it comes from.


Thats not what you were saying