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64% of the Federal budget is mandatory social programs such as Medicare, Medicade, Income Security, and Social Security. The military budget is only 15%. It would make sense to start with the largest slice of the pie.


Yep, and that point is far more pertinent than “he is a birther.”


Not necessarily.

Since government spending and the economy are interlinked, this is too simplistic an analysis.


Well, it sounds like you are all set, warm and comfy in your CEC cocoon.


Well, CEC radio keeps us up to date on what products NOT to buy. I always appreciate that.


Yeah, Trump was a pro-choice, Manhattan liberal.


Absolutely. 51%. Is that enough to build the wall?


He was a dem then.


You are right. But much a much higher percentage of the military budget is passed through the economy than is social program spending. A dollar spent there is much more valuable to the national economy than a dollar spent on welfare.


Yes he was. He has never been a conservative. What else ya got?


Prove that assertion, please.

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And that is based on…? How is $1 more valuable than $1


It’s basic economics. Dollars spent on production (and supporting the military requires a huge amount of product) pass through the economy multiple times and dollars spent on welfare pass through no more than twice. Each time a dollar changes hands from one producer to another, it stimulates the economy.


See my previous post.


Military expenditures are a drag on economic growth.


Basic economics says your analysis is incorrect.

I’ll give you a few minutes to find your own incorrect assumption.

Hint…you’re looking for a word that begins with “m”.


Not the domestic spending. The money spent both developing and building the tools used by the military are a huge boost to the economy.


Is this the post?



Again you’re missing the “m” word.

North Korea spends 25% of it’s GDP on the military. Man their domestic economy ought to be growing by leaps and bounds!


They are not.