RUSH on Sean Hannity TV show


Have the tax cuts increased revenue enough that it offsets the loss in tax revenues?

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Oh I know you do.

At least you’re honest about it…

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Not sure you know what you’re talking about!
Have you seen the latest truck traffic our roads lately where more and more tractor trailers hauling finished products and raw materials?


How much time do you spend counting trucks?


Ha ha!

Your previous picture had a tanker in this shot…looks like it has been photoshopped out…lol!

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You should tailor your posts to the thread. You already started a thread to discuss this.


Maybe you could start a thread about this?


I love it when Rush sticks anything in his mouth that prevents him from speaking.

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There is, however, only one president to my knowledge who said he was going to eliminate the national debt in 8 years. He is currently sitting in the Oval Office.

Now, the question I have is - how the hell is he going to pay off the national debt in 8 years if he’s running up the deficits each and every year? It would be virtually impossible to pay off the national debt if that trend continues. You can’t keep spending more than you receive and expect to clear all of your debt. It’s mathematically impossible.


Math is a liberal disorder.

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I just recently found out there is a new type of math used in economics called “the statist method” of calculation. Don’t ask me what it is or how to use it though. When I asked what it was, I got yelled at and called names in quite the interesting little rant. :rofl:

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lets start with a 50% cut in the military budget


Yup. I stopped listening to the CEC radio. I don’t think any segments were more than a few minutes before more commercials. I got tired of Pajamagrams, Sherry’s Berries, and buy gold commercials.

But at least I have Hannity-land to pretty much keep me appraised of his talking points.

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He said he’d eliminate the debt in 8 years. Yet he’s overseeing trillion dollar deficits at full employment. Is it really so hard to hold Trump accountable???



Do you really think any of us gives a ■■■■ if he smokes a cigar? Smoking isn’t good for one’s health, you know. :sunglasses:

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Are those government trucks? I’m talking about starving Centgov.


No one is trying go invalidate the 2016 election result so as usual you are talking complete bollocks. No thats not a personal attack but an observation of what you post.

I recall clearly you and others calling for the removal of Obama from office and threw around accusations of not being elgible to be president to saying he committed treason. So please dont try and take some moral high ground because no Trump supporter can do that.


Our president is a birther.

Strange how easy it is to forget that


That’s where I land when the claim is people are just “misunderstanding” him… we knew who he was YEARS before he was even running…


The man’s an idiot, right? He doesn’t know the difference between the debt and the deficit. Yet somehow you think he does and so take him at his word. Interesting.

I’d bet that at least half the people in this country don’t know the difference between the debt and the deficit.