RUSH on Sean Hannity TV show


The point is Rush and his audience thinks it upsets the left.

Once thought, it can be said, then it’s fact.


Seems to be the only thing they truly care about. They’d raise taxes on the rich if it pissed off the left


I don’t think it’s the only they care about, it’s just the only thing their good at.

ETA: I just noticed we’ve been moved to Outside the Beltway. Isn’t that where politics threads go to die?

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It’s more like taking a rotor rooter though the anti Trump clogs!


I thought he quit?


I remember daily diatribes about stealing from our children’s and grandchildren’s piggybanks.

Ah, days of yore…


NO! SPENDING like maniacs have contributed to the debt! Tax cuts actually increase revenue to the Government coffers but that just leads to more SPENDING! :open_mouth: It’s like a vicious cycle! I don’t think Congress has passed an actual budget in over 10 years and the endless CR’s just keep accumulating and growing like the BLOB!


Revenue to government coffers is way down since the tax cuts.

Spending way way way way up since trump took office.

Numbers don’t lie.


Oh I never watch or listen live, I couldn’t take all the commercials. I do nothing but radio podcasts and DVR TV news as well as entertainment shows. I haven’t seen or heard an unwanted commercial in years and I want to be able to fast forward, rewind and delete whatever I want. Sean and Mark Levin podcasts are free but Rush does charge and I happily pay the price and even give gift subscriptions. I do pay for Cable to get Fox News & Sean’s news show.


Overall revenue to the government is down since the tax cuts.

I know you’ve been trained to believe tax cuts pay for themselves, but they simply do not.

Never have…never will.

Tax cuts work exactly as Grover Norquist intended them to work…slowly starve the government to death.




Tax revenue is at a 4 year low

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This one’s got potential.


Good. We need to starve it until it looks like a Sally Struthers commercial.


So what you’re saying is “half” the problem is Obama’s fault since he was President for about two of the past 4 years. Which goes back to my original point which is there is PLENTY of Presidential blame to go around for the past several decades rather then pile on “one” President whose been in office 2 years!


This is empirically false. Due to the tax cuts, we brought in $200 billion less in FY2018 than we otherwise would have.


Theres only one president to blame for passing deficit exploding tax cuts in the last 2.5 years. Its the president who has been president for the last 2.5 years. Tell me: what is the deficit now vs 2016?




You got to catch it at the right time. If it’s between 3:45 to 4:06, all you hear is commercials.