RUSH on Sean Hannity TV show


Of course it is. Whose fault was it before that?

Well, under Obama we saw the deficit decrease. I’ll be magnimonius and give credit to all.

Well, horse ■■■■■

The deficit did decrease by 60%+. What was the deficit in 2009. What was the deficit when Trump took office? I understand the need to defend Trump.

Great minds think alike. Something like that.

Has Trump been responsible for anything negative to you?

Excuses are like ■■■■■■■■■ everyone’s got one and they all stink.

Welcome to nothing new… on steroids.

Let me guess…they blamed it on the Democrats and the Fed.

It’s all of the Governments fault and any clear thinking and fair minded person knows that both controlling Political Parties are responsible for the mess that is the DC Swamp. President Trump has only been a politician a few years and only in office a little over 2 years so what clear minded and clear thinking person would continue to hound and pound on him for the sins of the Congressional and Presidential Administrations of the past. :roll_eyes:

Americans throughout their lifetimes switch Political Parties, I myself went from Democrat to Independent and now I’m a registered Republican “primarily” (pun intended) so I could participate in my State’s “Primary”. Private citizen Donald Trump went from being a Democrat to Republican choosing the best path to a WIN! And he takes the HITS from the never-Trump Republicans and the fake conservatives, aka RINO’s, just as much as he takes from the MSM media, liberals & Democrats.

Truth be told I think he is more of an Independent then a Republican and all the previous life style behavior and alleged criminal activity that leftists, RINO’s & liberal Democrats hound him endlessly with each day no doubt occurred while he was an unethical & immoral Democrat!! :open_mouth:

There is absolutely no credibility of the political attacks & never ending accusations coming from all sides of THE SWAMP!

I don’t need to defend Trump or anybody else.

Horse ■■■■■

Other than clogging up this forum? No.

We might have a long time to wait.

Change from R to D in the White House. We won’t have long to wait then.

Love it when Rush lit up a cigar, just to piss off the Left.
I’m still surprised that Sean still has a show on Fox News considering how it’s slowing converting itself into another Bolshevik Fake News media outlet.

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Roxie, do specific policies contribute more to the debt?

For example, have the tax cuts that Trump and the Republicans passed contributed to the debt? Forget about any other effects, just consider the debt for the moment.

Any time I try to listen to Hannity on Sirius during my short commute home, all I hear are commercials. It must be 50% commercials. Never watch the show.

I’m not sure why you think Rush lighting a cigar would tick anyone off?

Personally, I hope he enjoys many many many fine cigars.

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The point is Rush and his audience thinks it upsets the left.

Once thought, it can be said, then it’s fact.


Seems to be the only thing they truly care about. They’d raise taxes on the rich if it pissed off the left