RUSH on Sean Hannity TV show

GREAT interview by Sean with Rush Limbaugh on his TV show, who agrees since I’m sure all on this forum either listen to Sean on the radio or watch his show on Fox News, we’re all fans right!

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Yeah I agree. We were first told just wait until Mueller is closing his net around trump. Now Mueller comes out and says no more indictments, Liberals want to carry on their fake outrage.


Not we are all not. I do listen to Rush for a few minutes over the lunch hour. There are literally no stations within reception range in Kansas of all places that carry Sean’s show anymore, haven’t in years. His time slot has been replaced with Dave Ramsey and Dan Patrick.

I’d like to hear Rush give the Republic party the scolding he used to give Democratic Party over the deficit/debt.


I haven’t listened to Rush in years.
Never watched Sean’s show on TV and every once in a while I listen to a bit of his radio show.

What I always hear is Hillary, Obama, fake dossier. Every time. I swear it’s one show put on repeat.


Yeah…the seclusion of Russian collusion, allusion, delusion…on just CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, NYT…is much more liberally informative…amirite? :sunglasses:


Well it was the fake dossier that was used to get a FISA warrant, it’s the basis for the witch hunt that all the MSM has talked about for 2 years! They pound on the 20 minute opposition research meeting where nothing happened, while completely ignoring the $1 MILLION $ “opposition research” dossier paid for by Hillary and the DNC that involved Russia. If dealing with Russia (and the UK) is ok for one campaign but supposedly criminal for another campaign, there is a real problem with that! That is Banana Rupublic type stuff when you criminalize opposing political views and that is not supposed to happen in the USA where one is “INNOCENT until proven guilty”.

Oh he has! But right now liberal Dems are so consumed with destroying a sitting President and invalidated the 2016 election thats their “political” subject of the day taking all eyes off more important things and its all divide, deceive, resist for the Democrats which will surely destroy the country.

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Is that why your fellow posters want Obama and Hillary jailed?

Innocent until proven guilty?

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A legitimate investigation would be nice to determine guilt or innocence! There is written & sworn testimony that prove HIllary was exonerated before any supposed investigation started at all! There are dated memo’s, texts & emails proving a cover up and a two tiered justice system in her case. About half the voting public knows that and that’s why you get the “lock her up” chants because clearly justice was not only blind in her case, it was corrupt! Meanwhile for over two years you’ve got Mueller digging and scrapping the bottom of the barrel looking for a crime, “any crime” will do as long as they can destroy a duly elected President that they didn’t want.

This is all bass ackward to our judicial system in this country and it’s the “toxic” legacy of the previous Administration. ICAM with Rush that liberal Democrats will not stop until they are out of positions of political power.

Did Rush or Sean mention record spending and $trillion deficits?


Rush could be a farmer with all the straw men he puts up each day.

Once again…YES both Rush and Sean have addressed the debt and deficit.

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Oh. What did they say? Can you provide a link?

They did constantly with the previous administration, I remember that.

Do you?


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I’d imagine if we’re addressed lately it probably sounded like;

If the Democrats in Congress didn’t block all of Trump’s proposals then we wouldn’t have a deficit today. They are obstructing!

To summarize: you think Hillary is guilty.

Good luck with that.

Did Trump bleach bit a bunch of Russians? Like with a cloth?


Argle garble!