Rumored deal, bring back the filibuster for holding off on SCOTUS nomination

This was something I heard on the radio, couldn’t find anything else on it. Personally if I were a senator I would go for this. We cannot function as a country with such vitriol between the political parties. It’s not healthy.


I wish this would be the case. But I don’t believe we are in a position as a country to have such statesmanship and desire to bring the greatest deliberative body back to its prior form. Wishful thinking unfortunately.


How? Why?

If the judicial filibuster were brought back, would there ever be another supreme court justice?

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Hopefully more in the vain of Sandra Day O’Conner and dare I say John Roberts? He has been way more fair than I ever expected!

It might wishful thinking, but it sure would be something if true. It’s the type of compromise that could seriously deescalate tensions.

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Sure. Do it. Right after the next SCOTUS justice is confirmed.

Not how it works. If Trump’s appointment gets confirmed and Biden wins with a Dem Senate the next congress should be all about political pay back and I don’t even like the idea of stacking the courts but that’s what Republicans would deserve.

Time to get your sarcasm meter re-calibrated.

According to (I believe it was) Frank Luntz there’s Senators on both sides talking about this as a compromise.

Spelling. I corrected the thread title. Sorry, it’s a psychological issue on my side.

Because citizens are killing each other in the streets. We need some level of civility.

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It would be a career ended for GOP senators that went along.

Appeasement avails nothing with dems. They would be just as nasty as ever when the roles were reversed on a nomination.


I could only imagine how Trump would act IF this somehow actually happened.

Executive order to dissolve the senate?

Why? So the democrats can pull the same stunt when they have control of the Senate?

Absolutely. If only. This would help restore a lot of faith in a great many people despondent over the current tribalism of politics today. Regardless of what side of the aisle you may fall ideologically.

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Then the democrats who’ve been allowing this for the past four months need to take control of their cities.

There is zero correlation between RBG passing and seating a new Justice with burn, murder and loot.

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The democrats were warned this would come back to bite them in the ass.

Now they want to undo it because it did bite them in the ass and it just isn’t fair :sob: