Ruling on Religious Freedom for Health Providers

From what I can tell, this pertains to providers, not insurers.

I don’t think this is talking about insurers. This is talking about providers: hospitals and doctors. Medicare for All wouldn’t solve that.

It’s not quackery. I’m not too sure, but it may be SOP for someone suffering from dysphoria.

I don’t know the answer to that question. This is the text from the huffpo article:

Per this article, President Trump is not going beyond legislation previously enacted by Barack Obama or George Bush, Jr.

Can anyone say they, in all those years, were denied treatment as HIV positive patients in particular?

I remember a Franciscan nun in Tampa who targeted this population in particular, admonishing them to “make sure HIV isn’t the only positive thing in your life.”

Too late.

From the article…

The protections don’t equate to a new law and don’t go beyond statutes already enacted in the Obama and George W. Bush administrations, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Instead, the rule guarantees that religious and conscience protections already on the books will be enforced.

What would you expect the Department of Health and Human Services to say, that these rules DO go beyond what’s in the statute?

Since Religion is a personal thing you can use it to frown on anything.

Should Health provided be required to offer services to black people (Remember when people said segregation was morally correct)

There wouldn’t be any civilization without religion.

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Christian’s are being systematically persecuted against in America by degenerate liberals who force them to prescribe birth control to the lustful, murder innocent precious babies that are created as a result of that lust, and enable all manner of perversions like gay and transgender lifestyles. What’s next - should a Christian at PetCo be FORCED to sell dog food to a liberal pervert after he saw the way that nasty man looked at his dog with lust in his eyes? Because if we as a society force Christians to serve gays and transsexuals it’s only a matter of time before they’re forced to cater to man on dog!

My faith assures me that your statement was inspired by the Devil and so I am frowning in your direction.

Which does not negate my post.

“We can’t force other people to do what we want!”

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That’s a curious comment… can you expand on that?

Oh I hope so. :popcorn:

Did you sleep through history class? Religions were a very prominent player in world history. Countries were built around them, including our own.

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It’s hardly surprising that peoples spiritual beliefs played a prominent role in their history… I might have misunderstood your comment. Your comment seemed to suggest that without religion civilization would not exist which is certainly not the case. Our own country was formed on the idea that religion would not be part of the government.

Our country would not exist in it’s current form absent religion, the whole reason it does is because of religion.

True… the founders explicitly separated religion from our government when founding this country.