Rudy's NY law license suspended

i am of this stupid narrative…

been aware since 2015

Sad to see Rudy end his career in this way. After 9/11, he emerged as what many considered to be a hero. He could have left a positive legacy. There was a time I would have considered voting for him as president. He probably should have retired a few years earlier. Now he’ll be remembered as the guy who spearheaded the legal efforts for The Big Lie.

As I recall, his US senate run ended when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer 20 years ago. I agree, he seemed normal back then.

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You’re reading just the first cited instance if you’re only seeing the radio stuff. The next one on the page was in court. Pages 11-25

If the NYSC is going to lift Rudy Guliani’s license to practice law for embellishments and or making “false statements”, they better get busy. That’s an indictment for nearly all lawyers fer crissakes!

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Sad part is, he was legal royalty and then sort went downhill when he was offered relevance by Trump as his quasi consigliere. To see his decline is particularly sad in this regard, but he is now toxic to our legal system and poses harm to the nation with his insistence that our free and fair election is illegitimate.

Coupled with his frequent meet and greets with Russian goons like Derkash, he spent an inordinate amount of time trying to either produce or manufacture goods on his boss’ political rival’s son.

After the election, he spent time in every battleground state, eschewing conspiracy theories and flat out falsehoods, even lying to Congress with his fever dreams and obfuscations. He became a parody of himself, flop sweating and oozing hair dye in the Michigan Congress, holding a presser at Garden shop because it was called “Four Seasons” and he thought it was the hotel and becoming a punchline in a Borat movie.

It is a good thing he lost his license. He doesn’t deserve one.

And that is an American tragedy. Everyone Trump touches dies.

I did. That stuff is a stretch for a suspension too. The issue i am having is that he may very well be disbarred and probably should be but this temporary suspension is kind of a joke.

Lawyers go into court all the time and “misremember” things. You have no idea how many of my adversaries had medical “emergencies” just in time for an important hearing or discovery.

TBH, he isn’t practicing any actual law anyhow, so no great loss. The story here is his descent into clowndom :clown_face: due to his association with Trump. #ETTD. What a difference 20 years makes.

I agree with this 100 percent. So even suspending him is kinda specious. Though he did appear as a lawyer in quite a few venues as part of the big lie litigation

There it is again with “narrative”. Just use alternative facts like all of trump arguments.

when you have any facts to post lemme know thanks

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You think lawyers haven’t been lying to courts pretty much forever? :crazy_face:

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Trump lost the 2020 election. That’s a fact.

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Generally, no. Lawyers are reasonably intelligent and avoid lying in court. Usually they avoid having to make declarative statements and use language that reflects that.

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Not our boy Rudy.

This can’t bode well for Andrew Giuliani’s gubernatorial campaign

dont anyone dare question that huh?

:crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

He is right generally no. And they do try to avoid making declarative statements. But even when it’s yes it’s not generally probed or acted upon like it was here

question all you want. just don’t spread lies about it that make people believe there was a treasonous level of fraud orchestrated by the opposing political party that leads to a group of gullible supporters smashing up the capitol building in an attempt to stop the certification of an election.