Rudy "I have insurance"

So the question is what dirt do we think Rudy has on Mr. Trump or the Trump organization? Seems he may be worried the next scheduled bus from Trump Bus lines maybe heading his way or is this just good old drunk Rudy off his meds?

The 'Trump Train" has been renamed. It is now the “Former Trump Employee Memorial Express”

Admission of guilt.

Let the speculations begin. And ignore the fact that when first questioned about his statement Rudi said he was joking.

Yellow Journalism from across the pond! :roll_eyes: As quoted by Rudy ‘they say” are others pushing that narrative, not President Trump who was just praising Giuliani in a phone interview Friday morning on Fox & Friends as being a great crime fighter (look it up) and for doing the job the State Department & POTUS asked him to do, hence the “insurance” as I’m sure his directive was in writing.


It’s more proof that everything related to this administration is a joke.


Yeah…maybe, but there is always some percentage of truth in every statement that is a joke.

Yellow Journalism…surely you aren’t calling Fox News yellow are you?

He said all this on FOX NEWS. The Mail just reported it?

Yellow Journalism indeed.


He also said he has a bunch of focuments on Biden if something happens to him (Giuliani).

Which of course makes you wonder why he doesn’t just release them.

I’m sure as the President’s personal lawyer, he does have “insurance”. What does it mean? IDK but what I do know, is this whole thing is heating up quickly because Joe’s actions and his son’s actions…have been fully exposed and has now placed him on the front burner.

Thanks impeachment inquiry. :sunglasses:

You presume

No…I leave that to Ambassador Sondland. :sunglasses:

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Drip, drip, drip…:sunglasses:

Agreed a Rudy is drip dripping to the POTUS we see eye to eye on this point

That’s what I thought, too.

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He and John Solomon are probably still putting the finishing touches on them…

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Lol. Now you’re letting Rudy troll you. Dems should offer him a deal so he’ll disclose the “insurance policy.”

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Rudy’s letter to Graham on this matter is pure comedy gold.

You can read it on his Twitter.

Rudy’s trolling people all right…but it ain’t people who don’t support Trump.

The lawyer is DiGenova. Shokin and Lutsenko are two of the three Ukrainians.

And all this spin for what? So DiGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing can get Ukrainian racketeer Dmitro Firtash out of being extradited to the US to face trial.

Helping Ukrainian criminals because they will sing whatever tune Giuliani tells them to…and Trump supporters are lapping it up.

Fighting corruption in Ukraine…by enabling it!



Trolling is lol?

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