RUBIO UNLEASHED: The Senator SLAMS Media’s ‘INCREDIBLE HYPOCRISY’ over Trump-Kim Summit | Sean Hannity

Florida Senator Marco Rubio didn’t hold back while commenting on the news outlets’ “incredible” response to the historic Singapore Summit Tuesday, blasting the mainstream media’s overt “hypocrisy” towards the breakthrough meeting.

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i understand the MSM and demorats and even the anti trump republicans like mccain and the other idiot in Arizona—they want power and a top democratic strategist has agreed that it would be good for america to have a recession–SO THEY COULD GET BACK IN POWER—but to be against world peace. THESE SAME ANTI AMERICANS WERE AFTER PRESIDENT TRUMP THAT WE WOULD START A WAR----NOW THEY ARE SCARED IT WILL HELP HIM IN THE 2018 ELECTIONS SO THEY WOULD RATHER HAVE A WAR—way to go Marco----more need to speak out against this anti \american behavior. It is like peace on earth are crumbs ???

As long as the 47% of Americans depend on their tax money & love the communist socialism the Democrats offer them, they will continue to be afraid of @POTUS b/c he is not playing their swamp games. It is a testament to the ignorance of the MSM & how manipulated they are by the swamp rats. MSM loves the attention the swamp like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff give to them. It makes them feel important but they are just ego hungry wannabees… It truely shows the divide in the nation & the hypocrisy of the left. It should stand as a great testament of the dbl standard that exists & the left has no intention of bettering the American people. The communist socialists game plan is to keep americans oppressed & in need of their free money. Anyone who can add 2+2 knows that there is no such thing as free. GOP wants Americans to be independant & self reliance so they can chase their dream instead of being convinced you can’t acheive your dream. Democrats=ignorant stupidity, dependant on gov’t. GOP=Independance, self reliance & succsssful. Time to squash the bugs, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Warren…