Rsbn Trump rally live in Cullman Alabama 8/21/2021

Live today Trump Rally in Cullman Alabama. Hear the latest. See the bane of communists live today…crowd is going to be huge.



Not going to happen

So Trump is going to host a possible super-spreader event in a state ravaged by Covid-19.
Just goes to show that he does not give a damn about his followers. His ego needs feeding.

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It’s outdoors.


And that makes it how much safer when folks are right next to each other?

Birthday Party vs an Airing of Grievances Rally. Juuust a bit of a difference.

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Did you have the same opinion of Obama birthday bash? BLM protest? Democrat weddings? music festival?

Ah…there it is.


OK…but that not what I asked.

Do you have posts here stating that Obama party was supper spreading event?

Lies are constant
Monsters and Morons, imprisoned in hell,

smart thing to do would be to quarantine everyone at teh rally

Using what authority?

:rofl: How big an ego did that birthday party feed?

And the birthday ego fest.

To attend Obama’s party you had to be vaccinated or show a negative test. Same at the rally?
And at the time of the event were the local hospitals at their ICU maximum?
Yes, I did think that Obama going forward with his party was a stupid idea.
And Trump’s rally is just as bad a idea if not worse because of the amount of Covid in that state.


The “birthday bash” and supposed 70+ Covids, was fake. It was just another fake news scam to continue to scare people and try to get them to take the mRNA poison.