Rsbn live- Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium

There is a discount code for MyPillow in the crawl.


He keeps talking about how he’s spent millions to prove voter fraud, he needs to make some of that back. I feel sorry for the guy, he’s obviously being scammed.

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So help finance truth and buy pillows.

Total proof of the fraud is happening. just watch.

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Right now they are complaining about how they aren’t able to tell anyone about this proof.

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Watch it and decide which side you are on.

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I’m sure he really appreciates that. He probably feels sorry for people like you too.

“judges didn’t look at stuff!” I didn’t hear about that…

Why would he feel sorry for me? He has no idea who I am. Also, I lived in Minnesota for 19 years and bought several of his pillows. He should be thanking me.

I was half serious. If that.

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This is where he said he was going to offer proof of fraud right?

About time.

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Yes right now they are complaining. Well he is complaining… In third person

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Yeah… waiting for this amazing proof.

So far he is using his time to tell everyone how hard this all is


His proof that he won’t take to court… but will live stream with a link to his pillows… with his “proof”

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Has any audit case closed yet? May I suggest we wait and see before we pronounce anything?

He is saying that the Georgia Senate race was stolen also.

He’s the one who said he would present evidence at this symposium. Not me.

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Now they are talking about George Soros.

This conference will PROVE that China/globalists, controlled the voting machines in 2020

Choose your side America, or Commie

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I am waiting for that evidence.

So far I have heard non directional ramblings about how they are being suppressed.