Rove indicted. Reposted


commentary: where is Darkblade when you need him?


The “I forgot” defense don’t work when lying to the feds."

Originally posted May 13, 2006 by me (under my original moniker biggestal) on the Hannity forum

and yes the link still works 12 years and counting.


Lock him up! Lock him up! :slight_smile:

Free Karl Rove!!

(:facepunch: Power to the people baby!:facepunch:)

bumpy bump to the top we go…


Bumpity bump to the top we go.

My lesson in humility.


Btw the link is still live. 15 years later.

Yeah I remember thinking we got him now.

It was sheer folly.


Oh man. That thread was a great gift to society.

2nd only to Wavy Lays in terms of joy.

Gotta love the classics.