Round up has started

ICE has made it move again last night rounding up illegals who had their day in court, starting in NYC.

Those that have been rounded up includes murders, rapist, assaults and burglary.

Now the question is…are libs going to defend those murderers, rapist etc? Or will they support ICE?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Why is it that those who have been very critical of the FBI are now supporting and defending what ICE is doing??

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The raids have been a failure.

The Raids, which are happening literally a few blocks from where I live turned up nothing.

Funny thing about this country… you have to get a warrant.

Please provide a link that states those rounded up includes folks that have committed those crimes. Thanks.
Meanwhile here is a link to the latest Fox News article about the raids.

You think they’re rounding up law abiding citizens?

I think that to “round up” people they need to follow the law and get warrants.

So you think they’re rounding up law abiding citizens without warrants?

Wouldnt be the first time

This is nothing more than a political stunt; Trump playing to his base.



Show us they are rounding up felons only

They don’t have warrants.

Doesn’t matter if the people are law abiding or not.

You want to enter a private residence to place someone in detention you have to get a warrant.

Welcome to America.

Go back to your own country

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The raids are theater. Better and cheaper to deport them as they turn up. If they are suspects in criminal investigations that is a different story.

The same way the military deals with UA (AWOL in other branches of the service) people.

You have any evidence of that? I’m sure they have court order warrants.

By the book roundup.

Terrible raids turn up nothing. Low energy. SAD !

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They do turn up…but not handed over by the local authrities. So they have no option but to round them up themselves.

You made the statement like it was a fact. So prove it. I have not been able to find one article that says that they are rounding up folks that have committed the crimes that you stated. So did you just make it up? Inquiring minds want to know.


So you think they’re rounding up innocent people?

Trump winning again.

I don’t know who they are rounding up because I can’t find a reference to that fact… I will ask you again, did you just make that up?