Ross Perot, RIP

Ross Perot has died after a battle with leukemia. He was 89.

It was a blast watching him in the debates in 1992 against Clinton and Bush. He was a character made for late night TV.

The only reason we had a president clinton.

Still, he was kind of entertaining.

Not that it mattered in Maryland, but my parents were duped into voting for him. Pissed me off to no end at the time. But it was the willing dupes throughout the country that actually cost bush the election.

Rest In Peace sir. And thank you for trying.


That’s too bad. May he rest in peace.

He sure was right about NAFTA and the giant sucking sound being our jobs heading south.

Smart man on that topic for sure.


Now, now… they were replaced with low paying service jobs. So, we have that going for us! :slight_smile:

Rest in Peace, Mr. Perot

No he wasn’t right.

Yeah. What was I thinking? :wink:

The Perot candidacy gave us an early heads-up that a big chunk of the electorate was willing to put someone into the presidency who hadn’t a clue about how to run a government.

Suffice it to say, at least Perot wouldn’t have behaved like a lowlife the way the current occupant of the white house behaves.

Yeah voted for him 92.


And he was right Jay. Giant sucking sound…but that doesn’t bother me as much as our trade policy with China thou.


I believe that was the death of fiscal conservatism at the presidential level.

That is a myth.

I find the 1992 campaign very interesting. I think it was the last major turning point in US political history.

Both parties went conservative in that election and haven’t really changed since. It was this election that the new left defeated the old left in the democratic party.


I knew plenty of Dems who voted for Perot.

I actually voted for Bush in '92. He was crucified for raising taxes—which was the RESPONSIBLE thing for him to do! Today’s GOP wants to spend and cut taxes. Brilliant.

Count me in, I voted for him.

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vs spend 10 times more and raise taxes?

Ron Paul was a fiscal conservative type candidate he did ok in 2012.

God love him for taking a risk as a third party candidate on the highest office in the land. May he Rest In Peace.

A fore warning of the Obama presidency to come.

Most dems that voted for Perot lived in states that went dem. and had little effect.