Rosenstein: Blab,blab.. Russians, Russians blab

He is on now alluding to Russian hacks of DNC, and alluding to wikileaks, but is very careful not to use the words “DNC” or “wikileaks”. Dumbass thinks he is a master deception.

I’ve never seen a story rise and die so quickly. Just like the entire year of fake news in fast forward. Libs ginned and depressed in a matter of minutes…

Dead? It’s currently on the front page of every major US media outlet including FOX

I think you’re right. Cover for Strozk and Page.

No, I’m LMAO!.. We already knew about Russian indictments last year. It’s not like anything will come of it…

Yes, showing how corrupt they are over there…

Hail Satan.

^ Another “law and order Republican” showing his true spots

Speaking at a press conference at Justice Department headquarters in Washington, Rosenstein said he briefed Trump about the upcoming criminal charges earlier this week. He said the indictment’s timing was “a function of the collection of the facts, the evidence, and the law and a determination that it was sufficient to present the indictment at this time.”

They did not have to hold the public hearing for Strzok after Trump was already notified of the pending indictment. Additionally, they could have simply made the first, 11 hour hearing, public last week like Strzok and Democrats had wanted. If this revelation takes Strzok and Page off of the front page, then it is no one else’s fault but the GOP themselves.

What happens when the defense asks for discovery to examine the DNC server?
Are we really paying millions for this?


Hail Hydra.

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