Roseanne Barr going racist


You’re talking yourself into a hole.

Nothing is offensive to you unless you choose to let it be.

How much impact you allow an offensive comment determines the outcome.


For the love of Pete.

If the only way a comment becomes offensive is for a person to take it that way, then you believe that there is no such thing as an offensive comment and there are only people who are offended by a comment.

How you can try to argue otherwise is amazing to me.


One last time. You are asserting something I never said. Either you simply don’t understand the words used and their meanings or you are trolling.

Not everyone finds everything equally offenses nor do they equally allow such comments to affect their lives.


Yes. You are more harmed Emotionally, not physically. But you knew that already.


How do you know that?

Racism, while not government sponsored and as overt as it once was, still exists.

I’ve dealt with it on several occasions. Two of my exes families were virulent racists who didn’t approve of interracial relationships.

But it is not like it was in the 60s. There has been improvement.


Lets recap, shall we?

That statement takes out the intent of a comment. The implication of that statement is that even if the speaker intended to demean or offend his or her audience, they can’t do so if nobody in the audience takes offense or feels demeaned. That means that no comment in inherently offensive, and that it is only the person recieving the comment responsible for its offending them.


Liberal are snowflakes Republican said while defending their right to not be fired for saying something super racist.


Then show how you are.


On what imaginary planet will you get 100% agreement on whether or not something is offensive, if it is, how offensive, and where everyone will then let it have the same impact on their lives?


Try saying something that is not partisan gibberish, just once.


Nothing gibberish about it.
She said something racist and was fired.
end of story.

there is nothing to defend or debate.


Not sure why the filter didn’t catch that…


You need to delete this fast.



Some stuff you shrug off, some stuff gets under the skin.

■■■■■■ never really got me that mad. Annoyed, but not raging mad.

However, half-breed will get me to the point where I have to walk away or I’ll be tempted to bash their face into a car door. And eat an assault charge for it.

I learned to control my anger about that when I was a kid. My grandparents (who are white) did a good job teaching me about the racism that I would have to deal with at some point and how you have to handle it.

It sucks, but sometimes you just have to walk away from it. The alternatives are worse.


Cite even one post in which anyone has said ABC did not have a right to fire her.


Thats weird as all get out…



And that sir is how you begin taking the power out of such words.

Good job.


How does that statement refute anything I said?

If it IS a genetic marker, its still not dictated by where you came into this world. It was determined well before that point. So again, her being born in Iran has nothing to do with whether she is black or not.

If it IS a social construct, its one that has seen her labeled as black for basically her entire life.

Either way, what I said is correct.

Got anything else?


If there are no distinct, separate and different markers by which various races and ethnicities can be determined as well as percentages of same pinpointing the regions our ancestors came from how can this be true?


What part of there is nothing to debate are you having trouble with? Stop trying to pick a “fight”.