Roseanne Barr going racist


What is the long racial history for white people in America being called monkeys? Was that term used to oppress white people?


Man…you are now trying to conflate evolutionary theory with the denigration of black people?

Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me?

Bravo…this may have just won the idiot post of the day award, which is saying something since BAC has been online today.

If you can provide some evidence of white people being called apes or monkeys in a denigrating way, that would go a long way to making your look a lot less stupid.

We’ll wait.


Bush, chimp. You guys were throwing that gem around for about 8 years.


Watch out with that broad brush. I have never called President Bush a chimp.

That having been said, thanks for at least one instance.


Which takes us back to the simple fact that words only have as much meaning as we give them.


This is a serious question.

Based on your above statement, is it your contention that the intent of a statement shouldn’t be factored into that statement?


My point is that you are not demeaned by statements unless you choose to be.


Okay…question two…

Even if you choose not to be demeaned by a comment, was the comment itself still not potentially intended to be demeaning?

I mean lets be real here for a second…Ive been called ■■■■■■ more than one time in my line of work. I usually just laugh it off. That doesn’t, however, change what the intent of the comment was does it?


And whether or not you are harmed by such a comment is strictly up to you.

If you want to take the power out of those words you can.

We’re to point in this country where half the people are walking on eggshells most of the time hoping not to offend anyone and the other half are walking around looking for something, anything to be offended over.

How were we taught to ignore such things in my generation? With a very simple nursery rhyme. 'Sticks and Stones… .".


You still haven’t actually addressed my question though…

Your implication is that no comment is inherently demeaning, which I would absolutely disagree with. Just because I don’t care that you said something abhorrent doesn’t mean it wasn’t inherently abhorrent.


Except you have social media now. It’s almost impossible to ignore anything.


If someone throws a racial slur at you on FB or Twitter how are you any more harmed than if they’d done so in private.

Be specific please.


And again the intent is pretty well irrelevant since it’s up to you as to whether or not you allow it to harm you.

Does the phrase, “he’s got really thick skin” ring any bells?


Just so I can get this right…

In your mind, there are no offensive comments, only offended people?


I know you aren’t that thick.

I said nothing of the kind.


You really have to ask?


How didn’t you?

Your stance is that if a comment doesn’t offend you, that it wasn’t offensive, and that only you can control if a comment affects you.

By that rationale, a person can say whatever they wish to, and its the fault of the person who took offense to the comment for doing so, since in your mind, all they had to do was “have thicker skin”, right?


I said no such thing. I said the impact it has on you is up to you. It has nothing to do with the intent of the speaker.


You do realize that if the intent of the speaker has nothing to do with the comment, you have essentially eliminated offensive comments, if all it takes is the reciever not to care, right?


Was I at all unclear? Still waiting for an actual answer.