Roseanne Barr going racist


ironic. The lib narrative is filled with conflicts. Just a bunch of disaffected groups, sometimes hostile towards one another.


Okay, so why is this relevant? They already dehumanize themselves by calling other blacks ■■■■■■ and Uncle Tom. It’s really no wonder that there’s racism. They are perpetuating it.


And we all theoretically are suspected to come form apes, so why is this an insult? You can stop the condescending attitude while you answer my questions.


Your words speak for themselves. Allowing for acceptance is giving her a pass.


It’s a tragedy how ignorant they are about all racism. They think that whites don’t suffer from being victims of racism. The denial is almost hilarious, if it wasn’t for the gravity of the issue.


'Nuff said.


Please do us all a favor. Come to downtown East Baltimore and call one of the young African American men an ape and see what happens. If you did, I don’t think we’d see any more of your posts here. Internet bravado/ignorance is one thing. But do it in real life.


Holy ■■■■? Did you seriously just blame blacks for the racism they face?


She should also read Uncle Tom’s Cabin to see who uncle Tom really was.


Today, which group do you think suffers from being victims of racism more, whites or blacks?


Well, Liberals like to blame whites for the racism they do face, saying “well, they oppressed other races for 400+ years.” I think it’s a fair game.

Was any of them owned by a white person? How about their parents? Were they slaves? All the left is doing is dividing people against eachother so that they can be more dependent upon the government. And you and your little liberal friends here are falling for it. I love how you gang up on people. Because you don’t have enough logic to be able to debate one on one, so you have to intimidate the opponent by number. How sad.


Simple question.

What was Roseannes part in all of this?


You think only one person is allowed to respond to you? If so, perhaps using private message for one-on-one conversations would be better for you.


because nothing says rightness better than brutal street violence.


As a woman once explained to me, there is a vast world of differencr between telling a woman shes acting like a bitch and outright calling her a bitch. They arent the same thing. One is a condemnation of an act, the other a condemnation of a person.

In the same light, there is a difference between humans possibly descending from apes and actually calling someone an ape.

That this must be explained to you says a lot.


Ok then. Figured it out.


:roll_eyes: The fact that you just HAVE to gang up on other people to support your logic is hilarious. The left is literally the only ideology that does this. All others have enough logic/substance to support their argument without manipulation and bullying people.


Hypothetical for one thing. Also, it would be the racist that started it.


Do you, because you are white, represent the entire white race? If not, why would someone saying the white race has oppressed black people offend you?

Who is blaming flameheart for slaving owner? Not this liberal.

However I will blame flameheart for staying silent on race issues or further perpetuating bigoted or racist acts.


The implication being that performing the act that brought about the violence was right?

Sure, it would amount to two stupid acts, but lets not act like the impetus wasnt what it was, okay.