Ronald Reagan was a closet racist. who knew

And the Reagan years began the full scale turnover of the south from dem to repug. The south was liking what they were hearing.

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His support of appartheid is notable

I heard this yesterday. I want to say I’m shocked, but I’m really not.
Reagan was the reason why my mom left the Republican Party. When he pulled that stunt in popping off his campaign in Philadelphia, MS and then in that same speech started talking about states rights, the theme and the setting was all she needed to be out on him. When he won, she left the party.


Anyone in California in the 60s…Google the Milford Act…eliminating open carry because of black people with guns…*shudder


Dems call everyone racist, trump was right. Now we know Trump isn’t racist because of this tape.

Does anyone still call themselves a “Reagan conservative” since Trump took over the GOP? I know it was a big thing back in the day to brag about your Reagan credentials. Gingrich, for example, couldn’t go 2 minutes in an interview without invoking him.

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Well, he did believe in “states’ rights”.

He was also an FBI snitch before he was a politician.


For real? Let me guess…red scare let’s get info on Hollywood?

I’ll still take Reagan over fat donald any day, every day.


There was no closet.


Ronald Reagan? pffttt… that lib-rhino-repug? Republicans never supported him anyway.

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Reagan’s racist remark was originally hidden to protect his “privacy.”

When I read line that explanation, I laughed the loudest I’ve laughed all week.

And I have been bingeing Netflix standup specials.

Yeah. Like he went before HUAC and refused to name names publicly but behind the scenes he was a confidential informant for the FBI for years. . .while he was president of the Screen Actors Guild.

Not Saint Ronny…the leader of the shining, lily white city on a hill.

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I knew.

No he wasn’t.

I’m sure he didn’t lose sleep worrying about what other people thought of him.

That’s uncalled for.