Ronald Reagan was a closet racist. who knew

"Reagan continued, “To see those, those monkeys from those African countries – damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes!”

Just terrible. I always held Reagan in High regard. oh well. another myth shot to hell.

how does everyone else feel. it feels the same when I found out LBJ was a racist.


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Who knew?

Anyone who lived through the 80’s


Beat me to it

Not a surprise.

They always pretty up in public, what is nasty in private.

Lololol the mulford act tipped me off to his racism…


Besides Lee Atwater and the southern strategy push? Nah who would have thought…

even the NRA supported Mulford.


The timing of this release is kinda suspicious, no?

CNN throwing fuel on the fire Trump has started to paint R’s as a racist party – since way back to St. Ronnie? :wink:

I’m sure someone somewhere has already put that together as a fact. The deep state never sleeps. Or at least those pushing the deep state never sleep.

I’m open to other conspiracy theories.


Maybe this is the underlying reason why the GOP is the party of Reagan.


It was the National Archives that released the tape. Not CNN. Dont blame the messenger.

It was clearly wrong of Reagan to call black people monkeys.


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Per the article:

“The National Archives originally released the tape of the phone call in 2000 without the racist portion, but as a researcher, Naftali said, he requested a new review of Nixon’s conversations with Reagan last year. The National Archives released the complete version of the recording online two weeks ago”

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Reagan can’t be racist because Democrats have falsely accused some other Republicans of racism in the past.



The National Archives, huh? Part of the executive branch? The director is a Trump appointee. I can work with that.

Every time is see a comment section that has no accountability, I am reminded how far we need to go.

Trump has been very important to race relations IMO, he is revealing that much of America has not progressed and only treat it as another form of being “PC” when accountable.


Reagan was the first of the Great Republican Dog Whistle of the white reaction to the civil rights movement.

Yes he was. He started the “welfare queen” derogatory catchphrase.

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I dunno. Ronald Reagan was “closeted” about race in the same way that Liberace or Freddy Mercury were “closeted” about his sexuality.

Also: I’ll take the racist who signed the CRA of 1964 and helped create Medicare over the racist who vehemently opposed both of those things any day of the week.


Fake news. I’ve been assured racism is non-existent in conservative America. It only remains among leftists who perpetuate it to further their political goals.


I wonder why. Let’s see.

He fought against Civil rights for blacks
He vetoed an anti-aparteid bill
Supported the exploitation of Mexican-American farm workers

I liked him but he was no angel. And here’s more: