Romney reportedly discussing impeachment with other Republican Senators

Nope, it won’t.

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It hasn’t exactly come up with nothing.

It’s crazy that Romney and Trump are basically the same age . Sure doesn’t look like it.

Orange must be an aging color. And all the weight Trump’s put on.

Neither one of them drink alcohol. Alcohol doesn’t necessarily accelerate aging that much though.

Or smoke. And smoking really ages you.

my same reaction when I read it this morning. Solid

Based on recent polls, Romney now agrees with the majority of Americans. At least on the idea of the impeachment inquiry.

58% of respondents feel the House should have started impeachment proceedings.

This compares to 37% who felt impeachment proceedings should begin as of 7/1/19

Would be nice to see GOP politicians rediscover their cojones and recover some integrity, as opposed to pulling a Ted Cruz and wetting themselves in fear whenever Donald tweets something nasty about their wives and/or family.

Not holding my breath.

The pseudoephedrine and adderall ramp up the wrinkles.

Magic eight ball sez…

Probably true. Plus the spray tan getting into all the wrinkles.

What really ages him is constant paranoia and twitter rage against people like Romney :wink:

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You can’t blame fat donald for freaking out.

Not to mention whistleblowers. And Schiff.

I don’t think he can really do that much though. It would’ve been more interesting if guys like Jeff Flake, McCain and Bob Corker were still in the senate

Ironic considering Donnie running in the first place because Former President Obama embarrassed him at the National Press Dinner.


“All this…”. Should be a clue.

Right. Because you guys suddenly love Romney?

What happened to the evil romney made his dog ride on the roof of the car hysteria?

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