Romney reportedly discussing impeachment with other Republican Senators

Riiiggght…he couldn’t possibly be motivated by a recognition that Trump is crooked and is bad for the country. Because as we all know, “Trump is cool hurhurhur…”, amirite?

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All this talk of impeachment, Russian collusion, millions of dollars spent, biased lawyers who’d love to slit Trump’s political throat…all came up with a nothing burger. Now…go fry that.

I would hope so, but political machines are often difficult to disrupt. That’s why the establishment is so powerful. They can often just choose the winner of the election.

…and they are united, to keep us divided.

I’m going to laugh my butt off when people like you are all denying you ever supported Trump a few years down the line. Eat your peas! :rofl:


I can’t hear you…i’m laughing at you too hard. :rofl:

I never liked Romney. Back in 2012 I wanted to support him to beat Obama, but ultimately I had to vote 3rd party because Mitt is a CINO.

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Which makes it good tactics by Pelosi to let Trump be done as Paul Keating put it “slowly”.

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Nancy loves Mitt!

Nancy…Nancy…oh yeah…that Congress critter who has done so much for her district?


Mitt’s in good company.

Is that a photo of West Virginia coal miners camping out to be first in line for the new coal mining jobs?


Put your head back in it’s place before you’re blinded by the truth. I’d hate for to have to live in reality.


It looks like he is, though.

I agree he is driven by bitterness. McCain had the same problem.

How dare this outsider accomplish what these party “elites” could not. :roll_eyes:

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If would have worked this hard to bash Obama, he’d be president. Obama stole his election, and he projects that on Trump.

After 4 years of Obama i held my nose and voted for Romney. I couldn’t even do that for McCain and voted 3rd party for the only time in my life in a presidential election.

I know someone who is a close advisor to Romney – never met Romney himself. They are much more driven by a sense of the traditional values of the Republican Party: pro-business; limited government; personal responsibility and are deeply concerned at the rise of politicians like Palin and Trump who represent little or none of that. The crux is not bitterness but concern the a Party that should e serving national interests has been warped to serve personal ends.

Romney is more likely to be bitten by the shortcomings he displayed in 2012: a lack of empathy with ordinary people and an inability to imagine the rules by which others play than by emotions such as bitterness.

Transformation of Romney from 2008 till now has been nothing short of astounding.

LOL. “Ruin his political career.” Mitt Romney is 72 years old. He’s rich as ■■■■■ What does he care? Plus, if he votes to remove Trump, he’ll still keep his Senate seat–if he still wants to run for it in 3 years.


We will see…