Romney racism.... See the left will trash anyone, no shame

Just to show how the entire lib machine is dishonest from politics to “science” here’s an nice article after the election on Romney’s racist tactics. Now dems love Romney, because he attacked Trump.

" We then demonstrate how Romney and the right wove these underlying stereotypes into a seamless racist narrative—through political advertisements, online messaging, political speeches and debate statements—beginning with the Republican primary and continuing through the general election."

Did you read the study?

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If you have a point make it.

Meh. He’s just trying to distract from Kavanaugh.

Not a distraction. Proof the left will trash anyone. It’s why you got Trump elected. We know the left’s dishonest tactics…


"We then demonstrate how Romney and the right wove these underlying stereotypes into a seamless racist narrative-through political advertisements, online messaging, political speeches and debate "

That you’re making an appeal to authority that doesn’t exist.

What is your takeaway from that study?

Is the OP claiming that Democrats will resort to race baiting? Say it ain’t so.

They dont have policies, all they have are platitudes and name calling. Racist, homophobe, bigot, rapist!

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There are literally hundreds of Democrats running for congress right now with very in-depth policies that they are discussing in vast detail at town halls and conferences all over the country, on social media, on their websites, and in newspapers. You don’t have to pay attention, but don’t make ■■■■ up just because you can’t be bothered to learn the truth.

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Heck, Harry Reid just lied and said Romney was a tax cheat and hadn’t paid any taxes for 10 years. The media just went along with it and all started chanting the lie. After the election he admitted he just lied. That’s the left. Look how many dems fake being a centrist around here, same thing…

I remember when Harry Reid claimed Romney was involved in the Kennedy assassination too.

What an awful human being.

Harry Reid is still proud of his admitted lies…

““They can call it whatever they want. Romney didn’t win did he?” Reid said”

More trashing of good men by dims…

“Maher himself was a prime offender, with no hesitation about resorting to Nazi analogies (he compared Romney’s aides to Hitler’s dead-end loyalists and Laura Bush to Hitler’s dog).”

Except obviously they still have no regrets and are trashing a good man now…With lies.

Are you going to answer if you read the study you linked in the OP?

That matters … why?

We’ve been through that already.

I was unable to access the article. Just what “racist tactics” did Mitt Romney employ?

“We” have?

You asserted he’s making an appeal to authority.

He’s not appealing to anything.

And whether or not HE read the article doesn’t change anything. I don’t see how your “appeal” assertion should have any concern with whether or not he read the article.

Point is, the left trashed Romney (and for stuff that was totally untrue!) The article is not only an example of it, but one that seems to be bragging about doing it.