Roger Stone pleads the Fifth

The people who think it is “wrong” and means you are guilty are you and the president (and oldandtired guys)… LOL!

You are arguing with yourself! :rofl:

Look at you trying to change the narrative…good for you

“If you take the 5th, you’re in the mob”, says DJT.

Roger took the 5th…and DJT is the boss.

DJT is a Mob-Boss??



Non criminal people with nothing but God’s honest truth to tell don’t need to plead the 5th?

Are you suggesting their is no difference between a private citizens verses federal civil service employee at one of it not the most powerful goverment agency?

Yes they both have same civil rights but the optics of it is much different IMO.

Are you suggesting that Lois Lerner was guilty of using the IRS to target tea party groups? I’ve been told many times that she did nothing wrong.

False statement. I am part of the left and never defended her. In fact, I didn’t comment at all.

I’m suggesting you are throwing shade on the fact your boys are corrupt…

By Trump’s own words, Roger Stone looks guilty, and by extension Trump looks guilty, too.

You got a problem with that?

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I haven’t told you she did nothing wrong.

I think Lois Lerner used her position at the IRS inappropriately against a spectrum of groups, including Conservative groups.

Criminally used it, now that remains arguable, in the court of public opinion, since neither Obama’s DoJ nor Trump’s DoJ decided to pursue any criminal counts against her.

What a failure post. No mention of Strozk, Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, Ted Kennedy, Obama’s birth certificate and WITCH HUNT!


You remember “all these members on the left cheering people taking the fifth?” Like who? Names? Links to articles of this cheering.

I suspect this is a false memory. One generated by what you wanted to have happened, but didn’t actually happen.


We get that things are rough for you right now. But do you honestly have to deflect to a different subject and topic in every single thread? Is derailing and trolling threads by deflection your new comforting tool? It would be nice if you started your own threads on these deflections, instead of trying to derail the existing thread. Thanks.

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Vengeance is mine, sayeth the DNC!

Ya investigating after GOP/nunes tried burying everything is “vengeance”. You sound like a trump supporter


Lois Lerner took the 5th and walked away. Is she a mobster?

Hide ye not the sins from the State their lord! Repent! Repent and receive absolution from the Archbishop Robert the Inquisitor!

I don’t think you’re supposed to remember stuff. And stuff.

Trump! Trump! I like defending criminals

I’m on your side. Impeach him and burn him at the stake.