Roger Stone arrested


Stone should be sharing a 6x10 cell with some MS-13 gang members for the crap that he pulled.

But, he got a break…this time. I doubt he will keep his mouth shut, and so I bet he finds his old moronic ass in jail soon.


He needed to be incarcerated over this. But an almost as bad punishment is his ability to grift off of this has been removed from him. Second only to his desire to be out of jail is his innate requirement to open his loud mouth.


Had he just posted some snark about the case, she might have just tightened the gag order. But he put up her picture WITH A GUNSIGHT! Then, given time to think, he tripled down. He removed the reticle and reposted her picture, then commented on Facebook how it was okay for him to post it.

That’s a paddlin’


Didn’t Judge Jackson rule that he was not allowed to discuss the case, however he is free to continue to fundraiser (with the prior stipulation) and assert his innocence?


Looks like he got a comprehensive Shut The ■■■■ Up order. Not much wriggle room going forward if he blows it again.


I haven’t had a chance to read up in depth on it, but I understand the prosecution did not recommend that he be remanded to custody. That surprised me.

Definitely a two-tier system. I have a hard time imagining other defendants getting away with what he just got away with and still being free.

Makes me wonder if the prosecution has an interest in Stone remaining free for some reason. Letting Manafort roam the countryside for a while just earned Manafort some extra charges.


The very rich people at Fox news and on talkradio make sure that it stays that way.

Can’t have their low-rent audience realizing that Trump et al are actually NOT on their side.


Yup. That also explains Tucker Carlson’s blowup on his show that never got aired. There’s nothing rich entitled gasbags spinning a yarn to the hoi polloi hate more than someone pointing out the obvious, that they’re rich, entitled gasbags spinning a yarn to the hoi polloi.


I haven’t read the ruling. Been traveling. Just caught snippets about him being restricted from any public discussion. Including social media. That tells me he can have others fundraiser on his behalf but he is out of the grifting game personally until after the trial concludes and he is sent to prison for the rest of his natural born life.


What a classy statement.



10 Moochelles


I suppose the model of classy are Trump tweets.


When a Trump supporter calls someone out for a cheap shot? Classic irony.


its called acting presidential…

isnt that something we should all aspire to?


How did Stone not get locked up?


Prosecutors didn’t pursue it. Kind of like with Manafort initially. I’m suspecting they are giving him a shovel. Let him dig his own grave, and perhaps he will accidentally uncover a few skeletons on his way down.


Judge Jackson ain’t playing… He has till Monday to come up with another good answer…


I hope he spends his time in jail awaiting trial contemplating what an idiot he is (and getting used to his new surroundings.)


I just wrote it out like o_O.


Unbelievable, these criminals just can quit it. One week, that’s all it took. :blush: