Roger Stone arrested


Then you have a filter in place and you need to spot it and correct it.

You can certainly make the argument that there is more needed to be definitive and perhaps in time that will happen.

But to see nothing indicates you cannot see what is in front of you, and you should be concerned about that. I know you’re being honest here, but in all respects your perception is skewed and as an adult that should alarm you. Reality should not be optional, nuance should be.


I am assuming that when the FBI knocked on his door, they said: “Mr. Stone, get your top hat, tails, and monocle, and come along quietly.”


Well he said his dogs are still traumatized after the raid and refuse to come out from underneath the bed.


He can say it’s Bob Hope if that helps.


Manafort was paid in polling data.


I don’t see the bail question as so much about the seriousness of the crime as more to do with the seriousness of the Eliot Ness like arrest. Here’s this guy who has to be taken down with heavy weapons and flak jackets before he gets to some serious weaponage or flys the scene in a getaway car. They’re after him like machine gun Kelly. As soon as he hits jail…enh…let him go.
It just shows what a melodrama was put on for political reasons
This is supposed to be an investigation, not opposition research.


Poor baby! I feel so bad for Roger Stone, he didn’t deserve that. /sarcasm


Apparently some of you haven’t heard how loud they knocked.


The seriousness of the charges matches the professionalism of the arrest.

Guaranteed the FBI taped the entire thing. Roger Stone won’t want us to hear that, we’ll hear how gentle and polite they were to him.


Which is exactly what it was. The FBI didn’t just take him and leave.


They took him with heavy guns, flak jackets and in the middle of the night. The judge let him out and will tell his lawyer when to bring him into court.
You don’t see anything ridiculous about that?


No. Did you want them to hold him indefinitely or on a torture rack?


So, you just don’t like the way they did it?


If he lied he lied. And no, you don’t go in like that because someone lied to Congress. Mostly, historically, you just note that they lied and let them change the record.


“let them change the record?” What does that mean?


L.A. Times article from 2016 with this quote:

“There were no expenditures that weren’t approved by Mr. Trump himself,” said Stone, who started working for Trump in the 1980s. “He saw the ads, television ads, which he would see on a video machine, radio ads, you play on a tape recorder, or newspaper ads, which he would see the artwork for.”


Six am is not “the middle of the night”.

The FBI is always going to be armed when they arrest someone.


FBI is always armed, period. Handguns.

And a simple letter to his lawyer telling him to have Stone show up in court on such and such a date would have sufficed.


Nope. The seriousness of the crime matched the professionalism of the arrest.


Yeah. Right. Lying to congress. And the threat of violence should be the criteria. There was none.