Roger Stone and crooked system of injustice

I see CoJ is asking 7 to 9 years prison sentience for for lying to congress and witness tampering.

Meanwhile to name few things to show just how corrupt our system is including CoJ, FBI, CIA, NSA to name a few is James Clapper lied under oath to congress, no doubt if investigated they would find evidence tempering.

Then we got those in FBI itself tempering with evidence and lying to FISA courts.

If anything this feeds the narrative that those agencies mention are corrupt, will always be corrupt and thus needs to be cut off of all available funds and those agencies disband.

Out goverment has proven beyond all doubt that they cannot be trusted to carry out our laws in fair honest manner.


Poor roger stone let me get my fainting couch


Roger Stone did everything he could to piss off the judge and turn his trial into a circus.

He brought all of this upon himself.


Heaven forbid not to upset the judge or the state…only judges and the state are allowed to lie, be corrupt and temper with evidences.


Well then. I guess that’s all settled.

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Roger Stone continually broke orders that the judge gave him.

All he had to do was shut up and he probably would have gotten a much lighter sentence.

But he can’t.

All of this is on Stone.

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Meanwhile Clapper, Brennan, Comey, McCabe to name a few are out there flapping their gums.

Too bad we don’t have a Republican president who appointed a Republican AG.


They were not under any orders from a judge.

You do know that… right?

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If only we had a Republican President with a republican led senate who could do something about all of these cases with their mountains of factual evidence.


Yeah gee. I wonder why that is…

Kidding, I don’t wonder about that.

Yeah. I find it funny that McCabe is brought up.

Couldn’t even get a Grand Jury indictment.


Which is all the proof needed that they are guilty.

So what. Don’t upset or criticize the all powerful state.

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Dude. This is hilarious.


All innocent until proven guilty. Roger was found guilty, and those people being free shouldn’t make one any less happy about seeing him locked up.


Don’t break the law

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I have no problem of Stone being convicted. I have problem with corrupt state getting away of doing what they accuse/arrest/convict We The People for doing it.

Why libs are against holding goverment to same standards that goverment holds We The People?

Is government special? Above our laws? Oh wait…they are the law.


what is stopping Barr from charging those people you listed with lying to the government?

To recap.

No one should be charged and convicted of a crime unless the people who I think should be charged and convicted of a crime are charged and convicted of a crime also.