Rochester Hills man guilty in shooting at lost black teen

You probably remember it. A 14yo kid missed the bus, went to a house to ask for directions and…

“…was not injured but escaped fatal injury only because Zeigler was unable to immediately fire his 12-gauge Mossberg shotgun since the safety was engaged, giving Walker enough time to run for his life down the horseshoe driveway outside Zeigler’s home.”

The idiot may get up to 10 years.

Sometimes Good Guys with Guns become Bad Guys with Guns, and then they are no longer part of the Good Guys with Guns Club.

The solution, of course, is more guns, by which I mean muskets, which is what George Washington would have wanted.


I can’t believe the defence lawyer said he hadn’t done anything wrong

It shouldn’t be against the law to protect your home against the black threat.


Am I understanding correctly this kid lived? I hope so.

It appears the homeowner was in the wrong in this one. How many have gotten lost in a residential neighborhood, then stopped at a house to ask for directions & not had such results?

But it is now, thanks to the gays and their freakin’ agenda.

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MAGA :us:

Pulling a gun on a lost student is just messed up.

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How exactly was he to know it was just a lost student trying to break into his home that night? Be specific.

His crime was in pursuing the kid and firing at him once the threat had been eliminated and he should and will pay the price for doing so.

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Amazing you found an angle to parse…lol


Northerners are obviously more racist than southerners.

Guess I need to rewatch the video because it looked pretty daytime to me.

Dems are against gun rights. Building Venezuela…

North and South isn’t much different. Dick Gregory once said “Down South, they don’t care how close I get, as long as I don’t get to big. Up North, they don’t care how big I get, as long as I don’t get too close.”

There was a N/S divide about Jim Crow laws, but not Jim Crow practices.

You never EVER disappoint.

No, shooting at a lost student is.

Show anything I stated in that post to be wrong.

Ok so it’s 8:30 am rather than PM, how does that change anything relevant to the discussion or what occurred?

If one cant get the basic facts right then the whole argument must be throw out…

You’ve acknowledged that you were wrong about it being night. So there’s that.

I understand being cautious of someone knocking at your door. I’ll even give you, that it might have been unusual for a black youth to knock on his door at 8:30AM in the morning. But does he bring a gun to the door everytime someone knocks on his door? Does he then put the gun down if its someone he knows? Why did he decide to shoot at the kid?

What exactly was the threat here?