Robert Redford - "I feel out of place"

Oh yes, Robert Redford, the college drunk that got kicked out of school. Too funny.

The happy trumpers of today will be the unhappy malcontents under the next Dem pres. The pendulum swings.

Here’s what he said, “By unified… like minded with the legislative branch of our government, like minded with the executive branch, and agreeable with the makeup of the judicial branch.”

Why do you intentionally misstate what he said?

Because defining ‘good americans’ as only those who agree with legislative and executive government officials is abhorrent.

Were you not a good american when you disagreed with obama?

Although I disagreed, I went along with the decisions. You and I were both here in this political forum during the Obama Administration…how I behaved here is how I behaved in the outside world. I may disagree but accosting someone or violence is NEVER the answer and yet…that’s the road the left has chosen to travel.


So that is why his supporters are in agreement with the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the composition of the judicial branch?

You have been completely bamboozled. Here, let me help you. THIS IS decisiveness.

Watch her backpedal. She was not talking about a nonviolent legislative act. She said she could "TAKE HIM OUT TONIGHT "

This is divisive. In contrast, Trump’s unifying the people behind Congress, the Executive branch, and the Judicial branch is the opposite of divisiveness. Once again, a lib has been made of fool of by the lib narrative.

Trump is doing his very best to destroy and divide this country under the guise of “America first”. I think he’s suffered many failures in the past decades that turned him into a very ugly man and gaining power has only exacerbated that. I don’t think for one minute that Trump cares anything about this country, the military, our institutions, or even Americans themselves for that matter as he’s defrauded the country over the years in an attempt to enrich himself but he’s quick to wrap himself in the flag because that’s what sells. A good con man always knows what sells. He lies so much because he believes in the ugliness and stupidity that is America. That isn’t to say the state of America is all Trump’s fault…it’s been festering for over a couple of decades now, especially with social media emerging making it a lot easier. Trump is just exploiting what was already there and making it that much worse, as is members of Congress.

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Who said anything about violence?

How would you describe how Republican Senators, Sarah Sanders, Kirstjen Nielson and many others have been treated by libs? How do you describe ANTIFA?

I describe that as “political correctness” being over. Isn’t that the kind of ugliness Trump ran on and his supporters cheered? For the last few years, through the whole 18 month election cycle and beyond decency was thrown out the window and Republicans loved it. Now that it’s flying back in the Trump administration’s face they’re now going to play victim?

I can provide countless examples of violence and in your face rhetoric from the left. Hell…ANTIFA is all about violence. Then there’s “by any means necessary”. What you describe as “political correctness”, I describe as a methodology totally foreign to anything I’ve witnessed since Kent State and do you know how that ended?

You scream ANTIFA while others scream White Nationalists. Let’s compare who are the bigger a**holes like that’s going to get anyone anywhere. Both sides have their victim mentality. Just don’t get all misty-eyed when someone gets kicked out of a restaurant because they belong to an administration that tries to divide this country over something every chance it gets.

I get in the face of racism and denounce it to their face. Here you are defending people verbally accosting others in a restaurant to the extent it’s borderline violent. Maybe you don’t see the difference which is why you’ll be on the wrong side of history when looking back.

They’re public figures. They know the consequences. They’re not the first government employees (on either side) to be publicly hassled and they won’t be the last. Some of these government employees are making decisions that affect the lives of people in this country for years to come. Some of these government employees unashamedly lie on a daily basis. That’s going to cause a reaction in people. If they dish out divisive rhetoric and lies on national television they better be ready to handle the reaction that goes along with it. That goes for everyone…celebrities, athletes, and politicians (Democrat and Republican alike), etc. Just stop with the crocodile tears like only one side is victimized lol.

Ever notice the left has no specifics on their complaints these days… Just wallowing in vagueness.

I disagree with the methodology. The yelling and screaming in their faces while with their families is beyond civil and is not civil disobedience.


The division in America started way before Trump came along. “Trayvon Martin could have been my son”, “ The GOP wants to put you all back in chains”.

Everything about the modern left is built on identity politics “Us and Them”. All one had to do was watch the protests yesterday they all get in their particular identity groups whether it be lgbt or blm etc… There is no “Us” in America just splintered identity groups.

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I agree, although the division goes back much further than the Obama administration.

Trump is hardly original, he was just perfectly suited to exploit the situation for personal gain.

…over and over and over I stated how much Obama was dividing our nation to deaf, lib ears. Now the shoe is on the other foot and everyone is supposed to listen? The difference between today and at the time I mentioned is the personal ability of a political side to accept a political defeat.

Good post. Well done.