Robert Mueller scores a victory as federal judge allows criminal case against Paul Manafort to move forward


Right on!

The Dem Law & Order Party!



It’s just that Republicans and conservatives have completely vacated the field on that issue. Proving, once again, that it was all a ruse to gain power, not a principled ideological position.


Well, in their defense it would be easy to lose the faith after what happened with Clinton.


They wield all the branches of government and have yet to charge Hillary with anything. Either she’s a criminal or she ain’t. If she is, best get start ■■■■■■■■ rather than just sitting on the pot, no?

And yet, here some conservatives are, citing section after section of the US Code in reference to her as though liberals were somehow responsible for her not being in court at her arraignment at this very moment.


Oh well. Time for me to go vote. I’ll be pencilling in the bubble next to the law and order Democrat.


i read that wrong



Your ignorance is appalling. That people like you are allowed to vote is a true shame.

Here is one old article. There are hundreds of others that have been updated with more details. I don’t really expect you to even look at anything outside your CEC.


Was that a response to my post?


It is the hope of both of us, that politics remains below them.

I was just sayin…


Yep, not an equal application of justice, he was singled out because he was associated with Trump. He may very well be a criminal, but he was targeted for prosecution for political reasons.


Not this conservative, that she broke any laws was a republican lie, or republicans are utterly incompetent, pick one. As you say, they control the justice department and nothing has happened. I don’t want to hear she broke the law from them, it just makes them look bad, she broke the law but you aren’t prosecuting? What?


That is complete horse ■■■■ and while many here could just be ignorant thinking that, you should know better.




Is it? You don’t think Manafort was given a closer look for political reasons? Please.


People in the public spotlight are put under a microscope. Politicians and their associates are no exception.

I belive the phrase is “if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” Or at least don’t commit federal crimes on the way to the kitchen.

Manafort chose his path willingly. There should be no sympathy if he did commit those crimes. Just as there shouldn’t be for anyone who commits similar crimes.


You’re not making the slightest bit of sense.

Of course he was looked at for political reasons. You do know what the investigation is all about, don’t you?

Are you not aware that Manafort had a little part in Donald’s campaign for awhile?

lol - “closer look for political reasons” … rotflmao


And to be clear, my problem with your original post wasn’t the “political reasons” part.

It was your assertion that he was singled out and that the discovery of his crimes and indictment for same were not an equal application of justice for some reason.

That’s the part that is horse hockey.


What elements are required to satisfy that statute?

I see that you can quote the name of the statute. That’s nice.

But what are the elements?



If you want them all you’re going to have to wait, it’s going to take me a while…


That’s exactly right. If there’s wrongdoing, then it is what it is regardless of politics.