Robert Mueller scores a victory as federal judge allows criminal case against Paul Manafort to move forward


I remember libs saying Trump would be gone by last June…


You go, Bob!


Few seriously believed that, except you. :rofl:


Yeah it’s a super common tactic of prosecutors. Its almost as if you dont know anything about law enforcement.


Sure they do. He left himself wide open and he’s getting nailed.


Why do you care about Manafort?


That he’ll be the first domino to flip.


Not only that, but he is also a bonafide war hero. Seems like just the type of respected gentleman that Republicans used to applaud and support.


So you don’t? He’s just a tool?


I would think some would be happy with this. We’re transitioning from investigation to trial. If Trump & Co have nothing to hide/fear, this moves things closer to being done.


Seems that Manafort has engaged in criminal activity for many years. The judge was correct that Mueller was was right in pursuing charges in the apparent wrongdoing that he uncovered. It’s this thing called justice that we seek.


They looked into it years ago…And re-opened it to get Trump. Don’t matter anyway. Trump won and Mueller just tee’s off the base and keeps them animated. Perfect for the midterms…


Exactly. If Manafort has done nothing wrong, then he will be vindicated at trial.


You should be happy that Manafort is being afforded this opportunity to clear his name. You are happy, right?


His name was clear before Trump won. That’s why there was no charges back then.


Especially after those other guys like Flynn took a plea deal and agreed to co-operate.

It’s good to see an innocent man stand up for himself, amirite?

Those other guys are tools, pure and simple. No guts. Not like Manafort.


However the special counsel uncovered evidence of criminal activity. You heard about that, right? I think there are something like 30+ charges against Manafort. In case you missed it, here’s a link:

That’s a lot of serious illegal activity, would you not agree?


“Clear?” He’s been under investigation by the FBI since 2014. It’s news to me that he had ever been cleared. Care to post a link to the findings that cleared his name?


Gosh, if there’s 30+ that proves everything…LMAO!.. Just a bunch of old crap they didn’t bother with before.


Where did I say the government had “proved everything”? Manafort is going to be afforded a trial during which the government will present evidence and a jury will decide his fate. The fact that there are direct emails that implicate him in bank fraud will be hard to counter, but his lawyers may pull it off.