Robert Mueller scores a victory as federal judge allows criminal case against Paul Manafort to move forward

Looks like Mueller gets to proceed with his case against Manafort in DC. The Judge rules that Manafort was a person of interest, and the Special Counsel mandate issued by Rosenstein was appropriate and applied properly in this case.

Not looking good for Manafort, as this was sort of his last ditch effort to avoid trial.

Hooray for political persecution…

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Seriously…an Obama appointee did that? I’m shocked I tell you…just shocked.

Hooray for supporting criminal behavior…

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They only went back and looked at Manaforts deals again to get Trump. We all know it…

Hooray for justice!

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The Rooskie probe is perfect inverse of the IRS investigation… By the same people too…

That’s not the half of it. She was William Jefferson’s defense lawyer

Just as predicted.

Their going to be flipping on your boy by the Nov mid terms.

So, can we never trust a judge who was nominated from a party that is not our own?

If Trump has been involved in anything shady related to Mandatory, then there is nothing to fear.

Isn’t Mueller a Republican?

You, like almost all people are completely clueless about why and what Mueller’s team is doing at any given moment. But you go on pretending you’re not. It’s cute.

As far as Manafort goes though, you must have your head stuck someplace that doesn’t allow any information to get through at all, because he was up to his chin in shady behavior regarding promises he was making to Russian oligarchs he owed money to about the campaign.

I mean really dude… What rock have you been living under?


Yeah. Appointed by a Deputy Attorney General who is a Republican, appointed by a Republican President, and reports to an Attorney General who recused himself from the case and is also a Republican.

If this is political persecution, Republicans seem to enjoy eating their own.

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You can’t “flip” when there nothing there… Collusion delusion. But thanks for admitting it’s political, not justice…

Who will do absolutely anything to protect the FBI and punish those who criticize it.

This isn’t about party.

Describe this “shady” behavior…lol!

Mueller was appointed FBI Director by President Bush and is himself a registered Republican.

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