Robert Francis Lies

Remember when he was the darling of the left?

He must not know about recordings. What a nitwit.

We see you Robbie.

"To be clear, I’m not talking about confiscating anybody’s guns.

The exact question of a buy back vs a confiscation was posed to Beto and here’s his answer. He’s a liar.

He’s even rolled back his roll back. A couple of days ago he said he wants AK owners forced to keep their weapons at a certified gun range.

Maybe he has whatever Biden has? :sunglasses:

Ah, you got him now!

What this really means is he will become the darling of the right!



He doesn’t need to be gotten, he crashed his bus in flames and drove if off the cliff himself.

Isn’t this prescient.

The frothing is quite telling.



Just laughter here.

Anyone who believed that histrionic, skateboarding, gun-grabbing moron was advancing deserves to be laughed at.

He’s lucky to be returning to his white-privileged life of a 1%er.


More free time for poetry and dirt eating.

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