ROASTED: CNN’s Acosta TORCHED for Accidentally Making Trump’s Point About Border Wall | Sean Hannity

CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta was torched on social media Thursday; taking major heat after a critique of President Trump’s border wall proposal back-fired big-time.

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Acosta should (GOD FORBID), read The Bible…Proverbs 1:17 “A fool sets snares even the Birds can see”
And in the Bible a FOOL is a wicked, evil “MAN”…or in Acosta’s case… “HALF-A-SISSY”.
Dr. Mike, Veteran and Patriot

Let me be clear: Jim Acosta is not a reporter. He is a left-wing activist. He has proven on countless occasions that he is more interested in disrupting and debating the President than asking serious questions. As far as the administration is concerned, CNN is not a news organization but a political hit squad for the far left.

when did Jim Acosta become a member of the cabinet, a briefing is to let the Press know what the day’s activities are, the Press is not there to discuss the merits and the decisions being made by the president and his cabinet, Jim Acosta is there to write in his little notebook the day’s activities and releases, he can then write anything he wants about them, but getting in an argument with the president of the United States over issues is not his job description.

Why hasn’t this got more replies?? This POS finally BUSTS HIMSELF for being the Moron he is and 2 replies!?! Come on folks this is prime real estate here!! Stomp around!!